Sunday, 15 May 2016

A good sewing weekend.

It's been a good sewing weekend. Yesterday I decided I needed to play with my scraps a little more. I had done a lot of cutting on Friday but my scraps seem to be multiplying as quickly as the weeds in the garden so it seems an impossible task to get them tamed. Anyway to start with I was able to get right on and sew my green blocks for this month's rainbow scrap challenge. I got all 5 blocks made.

A lot of my green scraps seemed to have red on them even though they weren't christmas fabrics.

My favourite block this month is this one with the cow in the center.  I also love the look of the gingham. You know green gingham always reminds me of my school days as one of the schools I went to had green gingham for the summer dresses. I went to quite a lot of different schools as we moved around for my father's job.

This gingham is quite a small check which I prefer but the school uniform gingham is usually larger. It's still a popular choice for summer uniform.

After that I started sorting out my strings, in particular the shorter lengths. I have a big box of strings that are 4 1/2 inch long. Not for any reason other than that was the length of the scraps.  I quite fancy making a string quilt so I stitched a few together to see how they would look.

As always one thing led to another and by the end of the day it appeared that I had started another project. I've been trying to be so good and not start a new project until I've finished an older one but I just love the excitement of something new.

I had arranged to go and meet Lucy at her new job as I needed some uniform. Lucy started work at the Commonwealth Headquarters of Girlguiding  3 weeks ago. She is loving her job which is a real pleasure after listening to her whinging about her old one. Mind you the whinging was totally justified!

I took a photo for the memory book. When we got home we went grocery shopping and that really was it for the day. After dinner I chilled out with my knitting in front of the TV.

Today we took Scamp for a walk over Wimbledon Common. He really enjoyed himself and also wore himself out. He kept racing ahead and bouncing around, full of the joys of spring. The sun was very warm but there was a cool wind blowing, still it was very enjoyable.

Once home I set about doing some marking. I planned to mark 6 scripts but hoped I'd get 8 done in the time. I called a halt after 6 having met my planned target and moved on to some knitting. The baby blanket is now almost half made but it is slow going. This is going to be my slow stitching from now until it is finished. There's no point in showing you a photo as apart from it has grown in length it looks the same as before. Maria goes on her maternity leave on June 10th so this is a priority. I finished the hand stitching on the cats so now I need to applique the moon and then this mini quilt is ready for quilting. Sorry I'm showing the before hand stitching photo which you've already seen but the new one is completely out of focus.

Stitching round the cats was quite tricky.

Tomorrow is a work day and I'm planning on staying at work until late to try and clear the marking. That means limited knitting or stitching time but it has to be done. The courses are all running down and by the end of July all the teaching will be done. I'll have some work to mark but August is a quiet month and I'll be taking holiday.... lots of lovely sewing time.

I'm linking with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching  and So Scrappy for Scrap Happy Saturday  

I hope you've all had a great weekend.



  1. This little kitty quilt is adorable! A perfect gift!

  2. Love the kitty block, you have been quite busy with your projects. Have fun knitting the baby blanket.

  3. One of my bee mates recently added similar kitties to a quilt for her daughter-in-law. She added her dog, too. Such a cute idea!

  4. Lovely quilts as always. You are so busy and organized!