Monday, 16 May 2016

Quick sew Monday

As soon as I could I left work and headed home. I had work I needed to do this evening but I had promised myself an hour for sewing.  On the drive home I thought about my varied projects and tried to decide which one would best fit my time frame. The project that won was the cushion covers for Richard.

Richard has always been a Star Trek fan and when I made his quilt I used star trek fabric. This fabric is from the original series with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. 

A while back we bought 4 fat quarters of The Next Generation fabric.

I had already made one of the cushions.

So three more to make. Tonight I cut the backing fabric and and quilted the three fronts. The cutting and quilting took exactly one hour and I had this neat little pile of pieces.

I really wanted to carry on sewing but I put it away so I could do my work .. I hope my students appreciate my commitment. I also moved my scrap box out of the way. This is the next scrap box to be tamed.

It has some really cute scraps in it so I'm looking forward to sorting this box.

Before I finish my post I must share some fabric I bought last week. These fat quarters are for a future project. I'm on a mission to collect the fabrics I need.

This piece of fabric was just too cute to miss although I currently don't have a project for it.

I'm planning an hours sewing tomorrow when I get home from work so I should be able to complete the cushions. I'm hoping planning in a little time each day will help me complete more projects.


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  1. I'm amazed at how much you achieved in one hour. Those cushions will become heirlooms, I'm sure.