Sunday, 1 January 2017

A good way to say goodbye to the old year.

This morning I had a couple of bits of work I needed to get finished before I go back to work on Tuesday but once that was done the day was more or less my own. It was cold and dank when we walked Scamp but he enjoyed running across the common. He gets a little put out because other dogs see him running and think he wants to play with them but all he really wants to do is run. He's happy to stand still and greet the other dogs with a sniff but then he hopes they will go away so he can get back to running.

Talking of walking, John subscribes to Country Walking magazine and we have been taking part in their 'walk 1000 miles' challenge. We did it last year and walked a little over the 1000 miles. This year my total is 1311 miles (as counted by my Jawbone  distance tracker). I'm not planning on going out again today so that is just about my total for the year. We will be taking part again next year but we are going to try and walk 1500 miles. 

Back home after our walk I set about enjoying the last day of the year with some sewing. The first thing I did I can't show you as I'm taking part in a blog hop in January and I was working on my project. After that I cut out some more blocks for the Bear Paw quilt. This quilt along has now finished but I still have a lot to do. I forgot this quilt when I was considering my UFO's yesterday but when thinking about sewing today this was my first thought.  I always put the pieces I cut out into small plastic bags. This helps keep the pieces clean should Picasso make it into the room with dirty paws (a high possibility as the only way into the house is through the garden) and also stops me losing bits. Picasso's favourite place for cleaning his paws in the winter is sat on a pile of fabric. 

Tomorrow I'm going to go through my UFO's so I know exactly what I've got to work on in 2017 and how far along the projects are. I will be working on the Bear's Paw during January.

Next I sorted through my embroidery and pulled out the millennium sampler as I want to work on this during January. This is a morning task during daylight or evening using the light and magnifier I bought at the stitching and knitting exhibition in October. I didn't do any embroidery today, just sorting the projects.

This evening we are planning on watching the final part of Harry Potter and whilst this is on I will be knitting. With the circular needles I only have to do a knit stitch so it makes it easier to watch TV at the same time. The knitting has grown quite a bit over Christmas as all the Harry Potter films have been shown.

We will probably stay up to see in the New Year. Mostly because Scamp hates fireworks and if we are still up we can turn the TV volume up and cover at least some of the bangs. He's much better than he was but he likes someone to cuddle him. Picasso on the other hand loves to watch the flashes and sits staring out the window or on the shed roof if he can escape from the house. He also loves to go out during thunder storms.

Hope you enjoy / enjoyed your New Year celebrations and I'll be back next year.



  1. Sounds like a great goal for the new year. My goal is to start paying attention to my Fitbit again. I was doing pretty well, then kind of forgot I had walking goals. LOL

  2. Looking forward to your trip to Switzerland I am sure you will add some miles then. Wishing you the best in the new year.

  3. Happy new year Lyndsey! Great job on all of the walking! I need to get to doing that.