Monday 30 January 2017

January OMG completed.

I'm doing a happy dance a I've finished the quilting on the 'It's a dog's life' quilt which was my monthly goal for January. When I stopped the quilting yesterday I took this photo.

Today I finished up the quilting and trimmed it all ready for the binding. I used King Tut thread both on the top and in the bobbin to quilt it. Both threads are variegated. 

The embroidered blocks were quilted with a small all over meander which has made the embroidery really stand out. The sashing and bone blocks are quilted in the ditch. The outer border is quilted in the ditch along the diagonals. I quilted the border in this way because the border was a little 'wavy' The back is solid red and I'm going to use this for the binding. The binding should be one of the fabrics on the front. It's either the red swirls on the white back ground or the white swirls on red. However I find the fabric just a little 'busy' and feel it will be better with a solid fabric (but I may still change my mind). I bought this as a kit which included the embroidery patterns and background fabric plus all the fabric for the front from Birdbrain Designs

I tried to get a good photo of the trimmed quilt but Picasso really wanted to be in the photo but didn't like the flash so this is the best I could do. Hopefully when I've added the binding I'll be able to go outside for a photo.

I love how the embroidery 'pops' out now.

Earlier today Lucy and I took Buddy and Scamp for a long walk over Wimbledon Common. Seems we wore them both out as they both settled down for a nap. Buddy 'the big' helped himself to the quilt and all of the settee,

whilst Scamp made himself as small as possible.

Scamp's hoping I'm going to be doing some hand stitching or knitting this evening then he can snuggle on my lap.

A good day's sewing and first monthly goal finished. This should be a completely finished quilt by the end of the week. Now I need to decide on next month's goal. In the meantime I'm linking this post with OMG Finish Party



  1. Congratulations on your finish - the quilt looks wonderful!!

  2. Lyndsey, I'm so impressed with your lovely stipple like quilting. You are right, I think it looks great. What a feeling to have it done!

  3. Such cute blocks! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  4. It looks fantastic, Lyndsey.