Tuesday 31 January 2017

Binding and Stitching.

Yesterday I finished the quilting on the dog quilt and only have the binding to finish. I had planned on using a solid red fabric as I thought the quilt was rather 'busy' but when I audition the red and the two fabrics I had from the kit I'd used, I found the red just didn't work. I think the fabric that is provided for the binding is the red with a white swirl. I can't check as I've misplaced the pattern but I have more of this fabric than the white with the red swirl. The fabric audition made the choice for me and I went with the white fabric This caused a slight problem as I didn't have that much fabric. Answer.. instead of cutting the binding at 21/2 inches I went with just 2 inches. 

The binding looks good and all I need to do now is stitch it to the back of the quilt. Hopefully that will be done over the next couple of evenings.

Today is the day for revealing Ernestine the bag lady. Although I ordered these patterns when Barbara set up her stitch along I only received them on the 21st January so she isn't finished yet. I posted a photo yesterday of my progress and I hoped to have some more done today. That didn't happen as I had to see my oncologist this morning and the appointment took ages. That's a good thing as I had a full examination and she went through all the results with me and discussed my treatment in detail. I should start treatment on Friday 10th February (just waiting on a final test result) By the time I got home I felt tired and needed to chill out. Having had time to assimilate all the information I'd been given I got the machine out and added the binding and made up a couple of blocks. Anyway here is Ernestine again to show how far I've got.

I will probably do a little more stitching on her tonight but then I'll put her away and start on lady number 2. I can finish her later in February as I know I'm going to have stitching time. Having the treatment on a Friday means I have the whole weekend to rest and stitching is so calming and relaxing plus even if I only do a couple of stitches at a time it all counts as progress..right?

I have another day off tomorrow so I'm hoping for some more sewing. I also need to decide which of my UFO's I want to work on in February. Talking of February where did January vanish to? I know time seems to whizz by when you're busy but this is getting ridiculous. Anyway I must give some thought to Valentine's day as I need to go shopping for a gift for John.



  1. My patterns took a long time to get to me too - and yours went over seas. You have a start to Ernestins and that is good. Sending hugs and prayers

  2. She's looking great, Lyndsey! So glad you're joining us.