Monday, 2 December 2019

Dark and cold morning.

This morning was dark and cold outside but snug and warm in bed. I really didn't want to get up. It wouldn't have been so bad if I was staying at home but today was a work day and so I was out of the house just before 7. It took a while to clear the windscreen of ice and I needed the lights on for most of the journey. The route takes me through Richmond park and at this time of year it is very beautiful. Today the grass was white with frost and there was a mist. The trees still had leaves hanging on and they were a bold red brown colour. There were plenty of deer about, mostly fallow deer rather than the larger red deer. Driving through the park  brings a little pleasure to the morning commute to work. On the drive home I have to forgo the route through the park as it closes at 4 p.m. Today was the first day  since last winter that I've worn a scarf ( but more a shawl). I'm so glad I wore it as it was so cold in the office first thing this morning that I kept it on to try and keep warm. Work was tiring and I was pleased to get home but driving home it was dark and cold. I have no idea what the day looked like, was it sunny or dull? I hate the dark mornings and evenings and want to travel in the light again but I do love the frost  and I really hope we get some snow this year. The last time I saw snow was a very light covering on the tops of the hills in the Yorkshire Dales when we were on holiday in April 2018

I'm busy knitting the second elf slipper. I've recycled the photo from the first slipper. What's the point in taking another photo when they look exactly the same and not at all like a slipper. Looking at it like this it's a little confusing to see how it will fit together.

Anyway I've knitted a few more centimetres and I hope to have the second one completed tomorrow. I'll then be able to stitch them together and show you the finished products. Then I need to get a little bit of a wriggle on as my younger brother Alex has lost his long multi coloured scarf I knitted him years ago and he would like a replacement for Christmas. I won't see him until January so I have a little more time to get that finished.

Tomorrow I'm working in Reading and so it will be another cold and dark morning but there is a fabric shop there and at lunch time I shall have a wander round and see if there is any fabric I'd like to use for the back of the Christmas quilt. I have some fabric for the binding.

Tomorrow is the second day of the Christmas virtual cookie blog hop. Here are the blogs you can visit. You're sure to find something you'll like.

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I need to get back to my knitting if I'm going to have these slippers finished this week.Take care.



  1. Your drive through the park sounds lovely, even if it would have been nicer to stay in bed. You’ve painted quite a picture.

  2. I think the slipper design is very clever. I guessing that form gets folded in half and seamed up from the heal over the toe and up to the ankle? Your knitting is wonderful. It looks cozy and warm! Happy Holidays!