Wednesday 11 December 2019

Work in Progress.

It's Wednesday and for the first time this week I had time to get my Christmas quilt out of the project box and think about making the quilt sandwich. When I went shopping the other day I bought the backing fabric and I already have the wadding,  or is it batting? When visiting MidsomBirthday Giveawayer Quilting at the weekend I got some gold coloured thread for the quilting. It's gold coloured rather than metallic as I really haven't got the patience to use metallic thread for quilting  on this quilt. 

Having got everything out I decided I would add a narrow boarder to the quilt using the backing fabric. I'm pleased I did as I like the effect and it does give a better finish to the front. I am really hoping to get this quilt finished before Christmas but I'm not going to push myself. Next year will be fine if I run out of time.

Last night I was knitting the second elf slipper. I'm finishing the final decreasing to make the long toe and then I'll stitch them both together and add the bells. Hopefully they will be finished tonight.

I also took time out to make my Christmas cake. Normally this would already have been made but I'm running a little late this year. Anyway I got it all mixed this morning and then kept checking it during the 3 hour cooking time. It looks good and next week I'll decorate it.

I'm having a birthday give away so if you haven't yet taken part follow this link Birthday Giveaway Good Luck. The give away will close on Monday 16th December.



  1. I like the addition of the border to your quilt. Gave it a nice finish didn't it? Your Christmas Cake looks yummy. Hope you got your slippers finished. Such a cute idea!

  2. I don’t blame ou for not wanting to quilt with metallic thread. I have done it at least once, but it was a bear, and the back is not pretty. Your cake is intriguing. Three hours of baking time is a long time.