Tuesday 17 December 2019

Planning a new project.

Yesterday and today have both been work days which have left very little time for any sewing but tomorrow is a nothing but sewing day. Well that's the plan, I'll let you know how that pans out tomorrow. It's now late evening and it's the first time I've had time to myself since getting up this morning at 6. I'm tired and if I pick up any stitching now I'll probably make mistakes and have to take it out so I decided to start planning a couple of baby quilts I need for early in the new year. The two sets of parents already know they are expecting girls. Then I started to think of the quilt projects I'm already working on and I realised I had one quilt top finished.

I finished this top in September and at the time my son suggested I add some more blocks to it to make it a cuddle quilt for the cooler evening. I wasn't totally sold on the idea as I liked it as a baby quilt so I put it away until I made up my mind what to do.The pattern is by Connie Kresin Campbell from Freemotion by the River

The couple that this quilt will go to are friends of John and he has asked if I would add a narrow border. I have some fabrics available so tomorrow I'll make a choice and also look for backing fabric, hopefully from my stash. I can then get the quilt sandwich made and give some thought about how to quilt it.

So that left me one quilt design to come up with.  I then remembered that I had made quite a few miniature 9 patch blocks and so went hunting for a picture.

I like these blocks and I think it would make a good baby quilt but I'm not totally sure so I'll need to sleep on it. Either way I need to get this quilt finished. so tomorrow I'll pull out my one and a half inch squares and see how many 9 patches I can get made,

Plan for Wednesday 1. sandwich Christmas quilt, 
                                 2. Add borders and sandwich butterfly quilt.
                                 3. Make at least 25 mini 9 patch blocks, 
                                 4 Work out how I want to quilt the Christmas quilt.

I love a good list and that should keep me going for a while.  Now I'm off to get some sleep. John is leaving early tomorrow and if I get up early as well I'll have more sewing time.



  1. The butterfly quilt will make such a nice baby quilt. Have fun on your Nothing But Sewing Day!

  2. Oh...very cute! I love all the blocks you’ve already made. Great color.

  3. The butterfly quilt top looks gorgeous so that is a goid start. And 25 mini blocks to make for the other, pace yourself and it will get done. They will both make lovely baby quilts.

  4. I too like you colors and butterflies. Gotta love those nothing but sewing days!