Sunday 5 April 2020

curtains, bag ladies and sunshine

A second day of glorious sunshine and we are getting lots of jobs completed whilst in lock down. We didn't need anything from the shops, not even milk and we decided against going out for a walk. The whole day was spent at home. John did some more work in the garden and I powered on with the curtains. I had a major panic at one point as I decided the pattern wouldn't match across the two curtains but it does. I have hung them at the window but they'll need a little sorting out once they've hung a couple of days. I also need an end stop for the one end of the curtain rail as the old one broke when I took the old curtains down.

I've also been spending time working on Mildred and she is almost finished. I think she should be done by tomorrow evening. I'm finding it very enjoyable to be able spend more time hand stitching. 

Life gets better because for the next two weeks I'm on annual leave. I know I'm working from home at the moment but that means I have to do work but for the next two weeks I can ignore anything to do with work and enjoy some me time. We should have been on holiday in Wales and we'd planned to do a lot of walking. We can go out for a walk each day but we will also have time to enjoy our hobbies. I'm totally up to date with the laundry and cleaning so apart from the shopping and cooking there won't even be too many chores this week.

Late this afternoon Katy and Olly popped over briefly to see us. They bought cake with them, which was a bonus. We were very careful to keep a safe distance so they stayed outside our gate whilst we talked to them from our  front door. They have both had covid and have completed their isolation time. They are both feeling much better but are still getting very tired.

I am planning on making Scamp and Picasso a second quilt each. They both have a basket downstairs and upstairs. The ones downstairs have their quilts in and they love to cuddle up in them. A quilt in each of the upstairs baskets would make the baskets more comfortable for them and they's look cute. I'm taking part in the 'It's cool to be square' blog hop in May and these will be perfect projects. Now I just need to decided on the patterns. Picasso always reminds me of the picture you see of otters when he's asleep. It also strange how all the colour has been drained from the chair as it's a deep red in person.

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching  I love seeing what everyone has been working on.

Take care, stay safe.



  1. Great job completing the curtains, not my most favourite type of sewing project, I have to say.

  2. Love the curtains. Mildred is looking wonderful. Picasso looks adorable.

  3. I am always amazed as to how cats look completely comfortable, no matter the position they are sleeping in. Oh to have that flexibility. Your curtains look lovely; such beautiful fabric. Curtains are always a pain to make but oh how they maketh a room. Mildred is looking fabulous. Enjoy your holiday at home.

  4. Your curtains look lovely. It is always nice to have something new to brighten your home. Mildred looks great. I am sure you will enjoy your stay at home vacation. So glad your daughter and son in law at improved.

  5. Your curtains turned out beautifully. Scamp and Picasso will be thankful for new quilts. Picasso looks pretty comfortable.

  6. Just checking back again as I remembered you writing that your daughter and her hubby had just got over the virus? That must have been such a worry to the family. Pleased they have recovered now, but what a thing to have gone through.