Sunday, 12 July 2020

A slow week

This week should have been a good sewing week as I had a leave day booked on Wednesday and I don't work on a Friday. I had planned a full day of sewing and so was slightly annoyed when I needed to cancel my leave day because there was no one to do the interviews in the afternoon. Friday was a cleaning day and I decided to blitz the kitchen in between laundry and several other chores. As a result I have only done some hand sewing in the evenings and spent some time making crocheted squares.

Yesterday John, Lucy and I went for a long walk from the windmill on Wimbledon common, across to Richmond Park, a big loop round and back to the windmill to collect the car from the car park. When we set out for a hike we will often walk 10 to 15 miles but this walk was 7 miles in total so we took Scamp with us. This is the second long walk we have done since travel restrictions etc were loosened. Scamp loved the freedom of being off his lead in the open space and he spent his time just running around.

My plan for today was to work on the batik rainbow quilt and hopefully get it to the point where I needed to add the borders. I also wanted to work on my monthly goal. I started with the rainbow quilt and finished all the rows. I added the inner border but stopped at that point. I didn't like how the outside border was supposed to be added. I'll do the maths and add the outside border later in the week.

Next I made two blocks for the Austen Family quilt. I'd put them on a chair and they got sat on so they need another press, but that can wait until the rest of the blocks are made

I still have several blocks to make and at two blocks a week it will take a few more weeks before I can sew the blocks together.  I'd been given a panel with rabbits on it to make a pillow case. This took about 10 minutes to make 

The flap for the pillow case has loads of carrots on it. This was made for a small girl who loves rabbits.

This week I haven't had time to do very much hand stitching and as a result I haven't finished Thelma. I'll spend some time this evening and aim to get her finished this week.

I'm linking this post with Kathy for her Slow Sunday Stitching 

Finally I found this cute picture of Scamp taken on the 12 July in 2010 when he was 2 years old. He's still a little cutie.

Take care and stay safe


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  1. Not really a slow week with all that you achieved. Cute pillowcase, the little girl will love it. And isn't Scamp a cutie!