Monday, 27 July 2020

Slow stitching.

Last week was a slow week for sewing as work was exceptionally busy. I am now on three weeks annual leave and it is always a rush to try and clear any outstanding work load before relaxing into the holiday. As it is, although I'm on leave I will be interviewing on Wednesday and to protect myself from hundreds of emails on return to work I will check the emails over the three weeks. In amongst the ridiculous number that I will receive will be a couple that need urgent action and I can forward them to best person to deal with them.

Although it's been a slow week I have been doing some sewing, just not things that I can easily show you. This week there is a blog hop running, Christmas Then and Now and I've been working on a project for it. I'd thought about showing you a corner of some of the fabric but as I was packing my sewing away earlier in the week I decided to take a photo of the back.

I love how neat the seams turned out.

I've also made some more masks, this time for Olly and Katy. They liked the fabrics they chose.

This week John and I have done a fair amount of walking. We haven't hit our 4 to 5 miles minimum a day total every day but we did manage 5 out of 7 days. I've also managed to lose a couple of pounds weight and I'm feeling more energetic already. I'd like to keep up a two pound a week weight lose but the end of this week could be a problem as we are away for 3 nights. The food at the hotel where we're staying is delicious and I'll need to make good choices to make sure I don't put any weight on.

Over the week I've done a lot of hand stitching but quite a bit was boring mending, although it is satisfying once its done. Between buttons dropping off and zips breaking, the mending certainly keeps me on my toes. Once that was done I've had time to work on the lunar module on the millennium sampler. This will be finished tonight as I only have the legs and back stitching to do. The colours aren't showing up properly in the photo.

I have two more squares to do and I need to finish the spitfire. The square below the lunar module is William Shakespeare and I'm going to work on this next.
When I've finished the next square I will probably get excited that this could be finished this year, especially as I'm really enjoying working on it at the moment.

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Take care and stay safe.


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  1. I love your hand-stitching project. What a fun panel. The millennium seems ages ago.