Saturday 26 September 2020

A new project.

I haven't had the time to do very much sewing this week. The new academic year has started and there will be new students to teach from the beginning of October. Lots of preparation to get finished, marking to do and of course there is always housework to do. Sewing always help me relax so it was time to get working. Before the Fall blog hop I showed you a photo of fabric I'm going to use on a second Autumn project.

I like to have a runner or table topper on my dinning table.  I have a few different runners to go with the changing seasons but I don't have one for Autumn. I don't want to use the Halloween runner for the whole season so I need to make a new one. I decided to cut some leaf shapes from the fabrics and applique them onto the backing. I used this leaf template.

I lay the shapes out as I cut them to judge whether it will work. Mmm this should work and look good but I still have a lot of leaf shapes to cut.

Cutting out the leaf shapes was quite fiddly so after a while I put it away for another day. I wanted to check how many blocks I'd completed for another quilt. Casso came and sat on the blocks as he thought some had got away. He was sure I'd told him I'd made more. He was right there were more that I hadn't put with the main batch. Once I'd added them to the pile he went back to sitting on them and finally feel asleep. You can always rely on Casso to find a comfortable spot for a nap.

Whilst Casso slept I cut out and made two more masks. When teaching starts on October 5th I will need a mask to get into the university building and in all the communal areas. I'm going to need more than one mask for a day.

I also hunted out some fabric to make a Halloween mask and I'll also make some Christmas themes ones. I decided that I would turn the need to wear a mask into a fun activity.

I need to get on with my monthly goal for September as I haven't started working on it yet. It shouldn't take long once I get going. My goal was to finish the hexie bag. I need to finish the facing and attach it to the bag and then attach the lining.  This will be my slow stitching tomorrow.

Hopefully tomorrow I will manage to get all the leaf shapes cut out. I need to make some bread and I promised Lucy I'd make some cakes. Scamp will want a walk and I still have ironing to finish. Sounds like another busy day.



  1. Most days are busy days, but if we can include time to do what we love, it all works out pretty good, I feel.

  2. Love your idea to theme masks for the holidays!! Your fabric choices for your autumn runner are gorgeous! I have a maple leaf-shaped die cut at work I use for cutting leaves. Do you hand cut yours? That's a lot of precise cutting! Can't wait to see your finished piece!! :)

  3. Your new seasonal runner is going to be lovely, Lyndsey! Casso was a good helper to make you look for those other blocks. Such a smart kitty! You chose particularly sweet fabrics for those new masks. SEW pretty!