Tuesday, 1 September 2020

The first day of meteorological Autumn

The first of September already and the meteorological start of Autumn. I prefer to stick with the old date of the Autumn equinox on September 22nd for the start of the new season but I'm told one needs to move with the times. Either way I love Autumn and Spring. Summer often gets too hot to enjoy and winter in Britain involves a lot of rain. Autumn brings cooler weather but is still warm enough to enjoy being outside. The leaves start to turn

and I start to look forward to delicious soups and casseroles as the weather gets colder. With Harvest festivals, Halloween, bonfire night and Thanksgiving there's lots of opportunities to socialise with family. On television the broadcasters start to roll out the new season shows....thank goodness because I'm bored with all the repeats. In the summer our television gets very limited use but as the year progresses and the days get shorter it's great to snuggle up with Scamp or Picasso on my lap and do some hand stitching or knitting whilst watching something on TV.

I like to do some sorting, tidying and an extra good clean at the start of Autumn. The cleaning helps to repel those large spiders that come into the house to find a mate.  It's a time for making plans for the longer evenings, checking fabric and thread supplies, thinking about any clothes shopping for tights, socks, jumpers and hoping it's not needed. I also check dates for Scamp and Picasso's annual vet trips. Scamp's is tomorrow but I need to book Picasso's for some time in October. Finally I like to plan in a couple of weekends away for me and John. We are away this weekend but I want to book a bird watching trip for later in October. Once the leaves have fallen it makes bird watching so much easier.

Yesterday I finished the bookmark that I'd started. Its colours fit very well with the start of Autumn. I needed a new bookmark as I was using a card one but spilt my morning tea over it by accident. Thankfully none went over the book.

Yesterday evening I pulled out another bookmark pattern I wanted to make. This uses thinner crochet thread that I already have in my supplies.

I copied the pattern and stuck it down on card

and I then pricked the pattern. This involves using a sharp pricking tool and a thick felt mat and pricking where the pins will be placed between stitches. I love the way the pattern looks from the back. This also allows me to check that I have pricked all the pin positions. The pricking makes it easier to push the pins in during the lace making.

I haven't just been lace making, I spent some time choosing fabrics to start making the additional blocks I've planned for the hexagon quilt.

The hexies are all hand stitched and will be perfect to take with me this coming weekend when we head out of London on our mini break. 

I also did some sewing on my project for the Fall blog hop but you'll have to wait to see what I'm making.

Take care



  1. You’ve named off my favorite things about the seasons. I do love when the leaves start changing. It can get very pretty in certain areas. We usually get a big wind storm blowing the leaves off the trees though, and so we can move straight to barren trees overnight. I love your bookmark, and I didn’t know that about the pricking. Interesting.

  2. Thank you for explaining the lace making preparation, so interesting.
    Our season has now rolled over to Spring down here in New Zealand. Summer, like Christmas is on the way. What a year 2020 has been all over the world.

  3. Hey! Those bookmarks are amazing! You've got my very intrigued. I've never made lace, but I'm wondering if I couldn't try my hand! I love the colors in your newly completed one. I adore autumn! We're still very green here -- it's been such a wet, wet summer. But cooler temps are expected in the next week, so I'm hoping we'll start seeing a hint of my favorite hues soon! :)