Thursday 10 September 2020

Restrictions and chill out zone.

Yesterday was an odd sort of a day. I had very full days of work for the last three days finishing after 7 p.m. and there was no time in the evenings for stitching. Whilst Monday and Tuesday was teaching on line, yesterday was an office day with lots of paper work and marking to catch up on. It brought on a serious headache which is still lurking behind my eyes. As a result I'm not sure I'll get any hand stitching done today.  Yesterday was also a day of restrictions relating to gatherings of people being introduced or rather reintroduced. The restrictions don't affect us at the moment as we are a household of 4 and the only other household we have visit is Katy and Olly so we fit the maximum number of 6 indoors when it comes into force on Monday. John is involved with running a group that supports people with mental health problems. He hasn't seen the full information yet but it looks like they will have to close the group again, just 3 weeks after they reopened it. Having taken Scamp for a walk around the local roads this morning I can see why the number of cases are rising. No one was socially distancing and very few people were wearing a mask.

On Sunday morning we walked to the nearest village where we'd enjoyed our dinner the night before. I wanted a photo of the pub.

and a photo of the church which is built from red Heavitree sandstone. We didn't go inside as the service had started

The graveyard was beautiful and there were the Neapolitan cyclamen growing through the grass.

Further along the road we found a water pump by one of the cottages. I'm not sure if it was the old village pump but it does look very pretty with the flowers around it.

Walking back to the car we passed the village library. Sorry about the glare on the photo but the sun was catching the windows. The note stuck on the door identifies the disused phone box as the library. People are welcome to take books to read and also put unwanted books into it. Must have been a great way of sharing reading material during the stay at home phase of covid when only essential shops were open.

Having explored the village we drove to Glastonbury. We had planned on climbing up Glastonbury Tor but parking was almost impossible and there were just too many people so instead we drove to Ham Walls and took in a walk and some bird watching. This was much quieter and more to our taste. We really are anti social pair. You can see the Tor in the distance in the middle of the photo.

The journey home was uneventful and enjoyable because the weather remained good. Now you are up to date with our trip and I have been for a pedicure so I have very happy feet. The rest of the day is mine and I'm about to get my machine out. I have a project to work on for the Fall blog hop taking place later this month and I need the joy and relaxation that working with fabric gives me. If you need me you'll find me in my chill out zone.

My thought and prayers are with all of you affected by the wildfires. Stay safe.



  1. Wow, you really had some idyllic scenery for your walk. Your photos are stunning! I hope your headache is better. Enjoy your time in your chill out zone!! :)

  2. I remember we visited Glastonbury on one of our trips to UK. Such an interesting place. Didn't walk on the Tor as it was pouring with rain.
    We saw Boris on TV yesterday talking about the new health measures, sadly, the virus just keeps spreading. Will this affect your job? I know you work online from home, but occasionally you need to go into the office, it seems. Keep safe and keep well.

  3. Beautiful pictures and narration of your lovely day out. I especially liked the repurposed phone booth (US term). We have a few here in the states where people construct mini free libraries for people to take or leave books. Libraries are not open for full use yet in my area and many people, including students and seniors, depended on them for internet access.
    Stay safe. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world.