Monday, 22 March 2021

Salt and Sand

Today is the start of the Salt and Sand blog hop. The hop has been organised by Carol from Just Let me Quilt. Thank you Carol for letting join in and thank you for organising the hop. Blog hops are such fun to take part in and I always get a load of inspiration from them. They also mean there is a lot of quilting eye candy to view which in these strange pandemic times makes me very happy.

I started my project on the weekend of 6 and 7th of March.  Earlier than that I had been playing with a few ideas and how to lay out the fabrics but on the 6th I completely changed my mind on the design. It was a good job I hadn't started cutting the fabrics.

I decided to use up some scraps to make this project, after all that is one of my challenges for the year. I wanted to make a table topper for my dining table. I have several but I don't have one for the summer so this was a perfect chance to make one.  Over the weekend I made all the blocks so I just needed to sew it all together. Here is a peak at part of a block.

During the week I didn't have any time to get the blocks sewn together so last Saturday I got that done and I also prepared the border. Last Sunday evening I had a bit of time so I decided to add the borders but when I looked at the central piece I was shocked as non of the blocks matched up. I must have gone off in a day dream and just sewed away without worrying about matching seams etc. I didn't have time to unpick it all so I put the piece away. I was going to be off on Thursday and Friday so plenty of time to get it all put right and finish it off. Think again, if it could go wrong, it did go wrong this week and I ended up working all week. To make it worse yesterday I had organised a long walk with John. We walked around the circumference of Richmond park. My Fitbit was showing 8.76miles when we got back to the car. The walk was very enjoyable but that left today to get the project finished.

I separated all the blocks and very carefully sewed them together, matching the seams. Then I added the borders. Once finished I was happy with the result.

I love the fish blocks. I saw them on a YouTube video but I can't remember where. They went together very easily. The fishes were made from scraps used for other projects. The borders were left over charm squares. I may add a narrow green border but I haven't decided. I like the idea of the grass giving way to the sand and finally the sea. I know how I'm going to quilt this and I'm looking forward to using it. I'm on leave from Thursday for two and a half weeks so this table topper will be finished in the very near future.

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Thank you for visiting today. Do pop back and visit soon.



  1. I am envious of your being on leave for awhile. I hope it's for a good reason. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely project.

  2. Your fish quilt is really charming!

  3. Neat quilt! I sure like all the colored fish! Someone is going to enjoy that quilt when you have it all done!

  4. Sew cute! That is a wonderful fishy block. Thanks for sharing in the hop ... :) Pat

  5. You are so right in your statement about all of the eye candy available in this blog hop!. The more I contemplate your quilt top, the more I see. The orientation of the fish is appealing. Having the quilting plan already in mind will help you move along the project. I look forward to seeing the finish. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is my second hop and you are right, I have seen so many projects I want to try. Last month I saw several string quilts and so for sewthescrapoutofmarch I made that my project. Your fish are so cute! I love all the colors. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Those little fishies are just so cute. I have to say I got a chuckle out of your post. Some days after stitching a seam, I just look at it and think, who the heck just sewed that seam and wow, I could not have been more off if I tried! LOL!! We must all get lost in our day dreams! I nice long walk might help clear out some of those cobwebs. I am going to have to try it.

  8. That turned out so cute. Great use of your scraps.

  9. I have to admit I do a little too much daydreaming when sewing and sometimes wonder what the heck happened because of it. Thank goodness for those seam rippers! LOL I love your fish and how cute they are! Thank you for sharing and enjoy those 2 1/2 weeks of fun!

  10. Great quilt top! I like the idea of a green border and sea grass as well. Fish always need grass to hide in.

  11. That's so cute and would be a great project for larger scraps. Yay for going green! =)

  12. Lovely scrap busting quilt, love the colors!

  13. I love your fish. They almost look like curved piecing with the extra triangle.

  14. Love this fish quilt top! So cute!

  15. Lovely little fish in your quilt, who is this one going to?

  16. I love the way those fish chase each other around the Quilt!

  17. Those fish are very cute! Looks like a great way to use up some scraps!

  18. I love those fish. I'm impressed that you went back and took the mismatched pieces apart. I have a very lazy habit of just running with most piecing errors. So Bad. Well it was well worth it and your quilt is lovely.

  19. Lyndsey, your scrappy exotic fish table quilt is going to be a lot of summer fun. I love the sand surrounding the water. Very clever design idea. Darn it about having to restitch the pieces together. But I’m sure you are glad you went to the trouble to fix it. I always try talking myself out of doing that sort of thing but I know I will be sorry in the end so I take the time to set things right. Well done by you.

  20. The fish blocks are wonderful and your quilt looks fabulous. I am yearning for temps where I can enjoy salt and sand.

  21. It's always great to get to use scraps :). I like your idea of adding grass around the sand. I can picture that kind of beach and think it would look good. Way to persevere when things didn't work out the way you wanted - that speaks volumes!

  22. I also love using scraps. Your fish quilt is looking really great.

  23. Love your fish, swimming around the quilt!!

  24. What a cute and scrappy fishy quilt! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Sweet fish swimming around and around. It’ll be a cute topper when you finish. Looking forward to seeing if you add the green and how you quilt it

  26. Wow Lyndsey that is truly the cutest quilt. Love scrappy quilts!

  27. How cute. I have many quilts that if it could go wrong, it did, but you made it great.

  28. I love the quilt and can't believe you took it apart. Sorry you had so many obstacles, but who knew, we wouldn't except you told us. It is lovely!

  29. That definitely looks a "bit fishy" to me. Very cute.

  30. This turned out very cute despite it's frustrations - well done!