Saturday, 3 April 2021

Holiday sewing.

After what was a very hectic week and a half I have now started my two weeks holiday. Well it should be two weeks but I worked Monday and Tuesday so I'll need to take two days later in the summer. We were supposed to be away in Wales this week but there is currently a travel ban from the rest of the UK into Wales. Never mind I was given a full refund. Since I wouldn't have taken my sewing machine on holiday, the cancellation has meant I have an opportunity to get some sewing done.

I started the week by tidying all my storage spaces and I also started measuring and labelling the yardage. This isn't a problem with the quilting fabric but my dressmaking fabric causes me problems. I think I have enough to make a particular dress or skirt and when I measure it I'm short. Now I just go into the file I've created, check the fabric picture and information and I know if it will work for the pattern. I haven't done all the fabric yet but by the end of my holiday it will all be organised. All my storage places are clean and tidy, even the scraps boxes so let the sewing begin!

I started by adding a green border to the salt and sand top I made. Next I quilted it using wavy lines on the water part and diagonals on the sand. I thought the diagonal lines gave the impression of the way the sand gets left at differing heights by the sea. Finally the green border was quilted with straight lines to represent crops growing in a field

I used the same green solid for the back of the quilt.

The final bit was adding the binding. I love a stripy binding and I thought this stripy fabric was perfect for this little quilt.  Today I finished stitching the binding down and now I have one finished quilt. I'm really happy with this little quilt.

This is my first finish of April so can I get a Whoop Whoop?

Last Sunday I'd made an online order from my favourite quilting shop for wadding and backing fabric for the Austen Family Album quilt. The wadding was for the baby quilt. It arrived yesterday afternoon and so this morning I made the quilt sandwich.  I used this spotted fabric for the backing. Spots are almost as much fun as stripes.

I had some time before dinner and so I made a start on the quilting. I'm doing straight stitching on the blocks and I'll do some leaf trails on the sashing. I should be able to finish the quilting tomorrow.

I need to think about the fabric I'll use for the binding. I think I may have something suitable but I'm not completely sure.

Tomorrow I'd like to get the quilt sandwich made for the Austen Family Quilt. I finished the top a little while ago but needed to get the backing fabric. This is the finished top.

For the backing I chose this fabric. It's108 inches wide so no joins required.

I have to admit I'm not looking forward to making the quilt sandwich. This is a very big quilt and the weight of the fabric is going to make my arms ache. Getting this quilt finished will take some time.

I'm linking this post with Sarah from Confessions of a fabric addict for her Can I get a Whoop Whoop?

I spent most of yesterday doing housework and my home is now gleaming so today will be a sewing day once I get back from walking Scamp. The weather here in London is cooler and overcast so there shouldn't be too many people out and about on the common.

Take care



  1. Both projects turned out beautifully. Love the backing fabrics you chose. I once made a fish quilt similar to the one you’re making. It was among the first quilts I made, and so I wasn’t adventurous enough for that little pleat in the tail. It looks very cute on your project.

  2. You have been a busy beaver & all are looking good. Wish I could help out with your large quilt & pop onto my big machine for you, as I understand about aching (for me, my back especially) & do it together, but I'm too far away. Hope the weather stays fine for the rest of your break & you can enjoy. Stay safe & hugs from down under.

  3. Love both of your projects, great you were able to get a refund but sorry your trip had to be cancelled.