Sunday 24 October 2021

A little quilting.

Since my last post, life has thrown a few curved balls which have affected my sewing time. At work, so many staff are off sick and there are a lot of vacancies which affects everyone's workload. Lucy and I have restarted running our Brownie and Guide units on a Wednesday evening. Getting the programme organised has taken a lot of time and energy. At home there are lots of things going on that means I have limited time for sewing activities. Never mind, life will get back to normal at some point. Having said I've had limited time for sewing, I have managed to do some quilting on the hare quilt.

Finishing this quilt is my goal for October. I'm not sure I can do it but I intend to give it my best shot. When I last worked on it I still had to quilt some of the rows. I did a castellated pattern on one row.

 I had fun stitching the top and bottom lines at an angle . These were done free hand which made it fun to sew. I also did a cross pattern on the other row using this pattern.

Again this was done free hand. Having done these all rows were completed. I started to quilt the blue border. I decided to do a pebble pattern on this border. It's a little difficult to see.

I've got one last side of the blue border to finish before I can start on the wider green border. This will be quilted using a large meander. I already have the binding prepared so once I've finished the quilting and squared up the quilt I will be ready to add the binding.

For our first Guide meeting we did a penny hike. For this you need a penny. We decided that if the head came up when the coin was tossed we would turn right and tails would be left. Each time you come to a road junction you toss the coin and follow the direction the coin gives you. If there are more than 2 ways we could go we limited the choice of route to two. With a little bit of cheating we managed to ensure that the hike ended at the local fish and chip shop. The girls enjoyed chips on the way back to our meeting place. Along the way we came across this decorated post box.

The top for the post box and the flower are crocheted whilst the bee is knitted. The girls told us there that there are several decorated post  boxes in the area. Originally post boxes were decorated in support of the NHS but now they are being decorated for the start of a new season or a local event. I'm hoping to see several in the lead up to Christmas.

A couple of days ago I received a photo on WhatsApp from Katy of her two cats. Big brother Rothko asleep with little sister Penny. This pair are so cute together so I thought I'd share the photo with you.

Last but not least I pulled out the Pride and prejudice block I've been working on. I shall be working on this over the week but I managed to do a few stitches whilst travelling on the tube to meet Lucy at Paddington station. She has been away for the weekend visiting her best friend who she has known since she was 3.

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching It feels good to be doing some hand stitching again.

Hopefully the chaos of the last few weeks has resolved and I can get back to some pleasurable sewing. I hope so or otherwise I may go ever so slightly crazy. Why do folks not realise I need my sewing chill out zone.

Take care



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  1. I've never heard of penny hike before but it sounds a great way to keep the girls interested on their walk. Sorry to hear that so many are sick in your work place, do take care as best you can.