Sunday 14 November 2021

A finish at last and slow stitching.

Yesterday I finally finished the Mr Hare quilt and Lucy quickly run off with it to her bedroom. She did get a photo for me.

We turned back one corner so I could show some of the quilting on the back. I love that the quilting design shows on the back. It makes both sides of the quilt really interesting.

In the top photo you can see some pink legs at the bottom of the picture. These are the legs of the flamingo lights that decorate the foot of the bed. 

Now I've finished the quilt I can work on stitching down the binding on the Christmas table runner.

I have already used my clips to fasten it down so it's just a case of getting the stitching done. Yesterday evening I made a start on the elephant embroidery. I'm trying to use up the odd ends of embroidery floss I've got left from previous stitcheries. The floss I'm using is all DMC but not necessarily the shades given in the pattern. It shouldn't take too long to finish this little piece.

Last week I received my November subscription box. I love these little boxes. There is always fabric, a notion and a pattern or two that you could make with the fabric. I love this month's fabric choices especially the one on the right with the poppies and rabbits.

Over the last couple of evenings John and I completed a jigsaw puzzle that Katy lent us. It was 500 pieces so went together quite quickly. As the weather gets colder I enjoy putting together jigsaw puzzles. I think it's because it reminds me of doing them in a winter evening when I was a child. This puzzle was very colourful and includes two cats.

An update on Scamp's trip to the vet earlier in the week isn't good news. The vet says all the physical evidence is that it is osteosarcoma. She will do a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis if we want. Unfortunately treatment isn't very effective and he is an old dog (14) so her advice is to keep him comfortable, and treat any pain. At the moment he is behaving as his usual self so we have a little time to make a decision. There has been quite a few tears from all of us and Scamp has been busy giving us all cuddles, an activity he really enjoys.

This evening I will be stitching the binding on the table runner or doing some more work on the elephant. Whatever I'm working on Scamp will be in his usual position on my lap making sure my thread or scissors don't run off.

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  1. I'm so sorry that the news about Scamp isnt more positive. Making him comfortable and giving him lots of love and attention is all you can do, sadly, he is such a lovely little dog.

  2. Such lovely quilts that you have been working on. I am so sorry about your little Scamp.

  3. Looks like it was a productive weekend at your house, Lyndsey. Congrats on finishing up that little quilt and soon your Christmas runner will be done, as well!!

  4. Your quilt turned out so cute. Sorry for the news about Scamp.