Monday, 6 February 2023

February Goal

I haven't taken part in 'one monthly goal' for a while. I have always found it useful as it helps to focus my sewing energies to complete a project. Sewing time became very short after the arrival of our grandson last May. As Katy's partner Olly works at the weekend she became a frequent visitor on one or both days. It is always lovely to see her and grandson but it did restrict my sewing time a little, (although sewing isn't as much fun as cuddling and playing with my grandson). That arrangement has now changed and they are visiting less often and so I need to sort out my priorities so I can complete my bigger projects. 

Recently I've been working on my Austen Family Album quilt. This quilt appeared on a blog run by Barbara Brackman entitled Austen Family Album which started in March 2014. A new block was posted each month and there were 36 blocks in total. I didn't start this quilt at that point as I was finishing off the Votes for Women quilt and had several other projects on the go. I'm not sure of the exact date I started it but I know it was towards the end of 2016. I had problems making blocks during 2017 due to chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy and on many of the blocks made at this point, the seams do not always match very well. I finally completed all the blocks in November 2020 and started stitching them together in December. I'm not sure when I made the quilt sandwich but once that was done the quilt sat around dreaming of being quilted. The quilting has taken a long time to do mainly because this is an enormous quilt measuring 108 x 108 inches. Finally the quilt is almost complete. I have been quilting the blocks and as I complete a block I had planned to complete the adjacent sashing. Only that's not what happened.

You should be able to see that some of the sashing is quilted but then there is some not done. 16 pieces of sashing in total haven't yet been quilted. I took my eye of the ball, getting far too excited about completing the main quilting. As a result I needed to finish this and then quilt the border. 

I am counting my goal as finishing the quilting on the sashing and border. If I have time I will add the binding. Being realistic I think the binding will be my goal for March but I do have a few days off next week so who knows what's possible.

I'm linking this post with Patty at Elm Street Quilts for her February Goal setting link party. I'm interesting to see what everyone is planning for the month.

Take care



  1. That IS a big quilt. It will be lovely once you're all done. Good luck with your goal this month.

  2. Lovely work, Lyndsey! Best of luck with making progress toward your OMG.

  3. Oh my! that is a big quilt and I'm loving the quilting in the sashes. OMG is something I've often thought about & I do get Patty's newsletter, but only join in a few things in case I get behind & so many of these QALs etc. are now mainly on FB or IG which I don't do. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Take care & hugs.