Monday 20 February 2023

Slow stitching

 Sunday already and tomorrow I am back at work after a quiet, restful and productive week off. I've managed to sew everyday and kept up with the stitch along from Crabapple Hill studio. I'm making this piece using my left over embroidery floss. There is always some floss left after a project and it accumulates quickly, rather like the scrap fabric from quilting. At least left over floss doesn't take up much room. 

This weeks stitching has mostly been stitching the binding to the back of the quilt. It's a large quilt and it's going to take some time to stitch all the way round. Every day I've also completed the sew along. Doing some embroidery everyday is very relaxing and I'm enjoying the process. This is what I've got so far.

The teacup caused me problems and I had to unpick it 3 times. I'm still not happy with it but it will do. The rose above it is made doing cast on stitch. I had to practise this a few times before I could get it right. I must remember to go back and put the French knots in the centre of the red rose. 

I've also been finishing the bird houses from last year. I want to make these into a framed picture for John's birthday. This was my plan for last year but I never completed the stitching. I'm hoping to finish these by the end of February.

With all this slow stitching I am starting to complete some of my hand stitching jobs. Some days I stitch for about 20 minutes to half an hour but earlier in the week I spent a couple of hours. With hand stitching it is about how well my eyes keep working. I have an eye test booked for next Friday and I think I might need stronger glasses.

15 minutes of stitching this week 7/7. 15 minutes of stitching during February 16/19. 15 minutes each day in 2023  43/50. I think this may be the first New Years resolution I've managed to keep for longer than a week!

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  1. Love how you are using up the odds ands and ends of thread. I've done 2 different projects with the same thing in mind, but the bits always seems to be there. Did you create your own pattern?

  2. I still chuckle every time I see your blog name, Sew Many Yarns! 😊Your embroidery project is lovely! I’ve been using these wonderful magnifying glasses with chargeable LED lights on the frame. They are so helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Look at you keeping up! It's looking good!

  4. This project looks very pretty, I've seen a few others doing it on blogland.

  5. Great time spent. I have a friend working on that same Crabapple Hill stitchery, and she loves it, too. I might have if I'd seen it before I started 4 other things. LOL Using leftover threads is a great plan, too.

  6. Wow! I'm surprised to see how much progress you made. Well done, Lyndsey!

  7. Well done you. The stitchery above looks great & do hope you still get some time during your working week to stitch along for relaxation. Take care and hugs.

  8. Congrats on all the stitching time for this year so far. Your mini for the stitch along is looking good. Very smart to use up those left over odds and ends. Hope this week has been as good.