Saturday 6 January 2024

January goal and a sewing day


After a restful Christmas and New year I returned to work on Wednesday and seemed to have been rushing around since then. Catching up at work after a two week break always takes time but I am determined to keep work and personal time separate from now on. On a positive note I finished stitching the binding down on the hexagon quilt on new years eve. John has taken this quilt as his and it is neatly folded on the back of his armchair ready for nap time. I'm just happy to have this quilt finished.

I started a new quilt on Tuesday. This will be a donation quilt. I decided to use pin wheels and  I decided to use a charm pack but needed to cut some contrasting fabric as well. I had fun putting them together and have several more prepped for sewing. These still need to be trimmed.

I joined the Chookshed  stitchers challenge for 2024. Number 6 was the project chosen to be worked on in January and my number 6 was a donation quilt.

On Wednesday evening we'd booked to visit Christmas at Kew. Our tickets were for 5 p.m. and by then it was very dark. The light show was good and we enjoyed it I haven't taken the photos off my camera yet but I show them on my next post.

Over Christmas I decided I wanted to do some knitting and so I went hunting for a cardigan pattern and ordered the wool. This wool is so soft . It's 70% merino wool, 15% alpaca and 15% silk. This evening I cast on the stitches for the back and knitted a couple of rows

Yesterday was 12th night and this is when we take our Christmas tree down. I waited until I had the house to myself and then I can get everything packed away and vacuum the main areas. As I took the decorations off the tree I put them on the table ready to box them up. I love the pretty display they make. Maybe next Christmas I'll find somewhere to display the decorations like this and forget the tree.

Today I had some time for sewing and I really wanted to make a start on the dinosaur quilt. I decided to start by checking that I had all the fabric cut for each element. Not long into checking I had a small meltdown as I thought I'd not finished the cutting process. In the end I went through all the pieces and double checked them. Everything was there but I'd managed to mix up some of the bags with the fabric for the blocks. I decided I start on an easy block, the fern. I needed to make 18 of these, 3 in each colour group. The blocks finish at 3.5 x 3.5 inches.

I was thinking about a goal for January. I want to complete my small embroidery of the fields and poppies The fields at the back are now complete but I don't have an up to date photo. I have the cornfield and the poppies to complete and there is a hedge and a fence that needs to be stitched.

I'm linking this with Anne Marie from Stories from the Sewing Room for  One Monthly goal 

Tomorrow is another day and another chance to do some sewing.

Take care



  1. Best of luck with your January goals, Lyndsey!

  2. Yo have made good progress already. We are still away on holiday so no sewing for just yet. I've also joined the Chookshed group but have yet to make my list. Do they have a linky to post to?

  3. You have been very productive for the start of the month. The Chookshed Stitchers Challenge should be fun and it is good to see how many of us have joined in. I can’t wait to see your little stitched scene come together.

  4. This post was eye-candy to me. I will be anxiously awaiting seeing the finished stitchery. I so admire stitchery projects and I am terrible at them.