Tuesday 20 February 2024

Sunrise and quilting

When I went to the car to go to work I realised there was a lovely sunrise. On the shorter winter days it would still be dark and if there was a pretty sunrise, it has been after I get to work or whilst I'm driving. This was my first chance of the year to get a photo. Seeing the sunrise always makes me happy.

Yesterday evening I settled myself comfortably to complete sewing down the binding on the baby quilt. There wasn't that much left to do so it didn't take long.

I'm very happy with this quilt. The baby is due in March and once he or she is born I'll add their name to the label and stitch it to the quilt. That leaves two more baby quilts to make, one for a colleague and one for one of my students. My colleague and his wife are expecting a baby boy in late March or early April so that is my next project. My student is also expecting a boy but in May.

This evening whilst waiting for dinner to cook I quickly got my machine out and made a start on the quilting on the pinwheel quilt. I had an idea of what I wanted to do in the square blocks and this is what I started working on. I am using these two motifs.

Currently I have no idea how to quilt the pinwheel blocks. Every so often over the evening a little glimmer of an idea has been trying to develop in my brain. Hopefully I will get the full picture soon as I would like to get this quilt finished this month.

After dinner I picked up my knitting whilst watching a re-run of Waking the Dead. I did have to unpick a row as I got too engrossed in the programme but I soon corrected the error.

I'm hoping to finish work early tomorrow and so will be able to get on with the quilting. I also need to check I have everything I need for our weekend away. We are visiting the Isle of Wight and I am really looking forward to it as I haven't been there for many years.

Now I need to wash my hair and then make sure I have everything I need for work tomorrow.

Take care



  1. I think I spend more time deciding how to quilt something than actually doing it. It is a big decision from design to thread color.
    Your baby quilt is so pretty and ready to go in plenty of time.

  2. The rabbit baby quilt is lovely. I'll be delivering my froggy baby quilt to the proud granny today.

  3. Oh my gosh…this is adorable. And you’re doing what amounts to dot-to-dot quilting, like I’ve been doing on my panel. I’ve quilted pinwheels with a little curly-cue flourish before. If you face them in the right direction, they can be heart-shaped. I’ve also done “terry twists” which ends up looking like a little flower on the quilt back. I can send pictures if that would help. Very cute quilt. Barbara @ Cat Patches

  4. Gorgeous sunrise and a darling quilt, Lyndsey!!

  5. If you have to go to work, what better way than to see a beautiful sunrise, lovely pic. And hope you decide on which quilting pattern you want, I look at you tube for ideas.