Thursday 13 June 2024

Time to get on with some projects

This evening I had planned to spend some time catching up with my projects. Sometimes it's easy to remember what I've planned and projects run smoothly but sometimes I get a little engrossed with one thing and forget that I mean to share my time out. This week I have spent quite a bit of time working on the sashiko as I find it relaxing. I have the three ribbons on the right to stitch and the loops in the centre on the left. There is one small bit of pattern to finish on the top right. I'm going to set this aside for a few days to work on other things

I am continuing to knit several rows every day but this hasn't grown a lot. The texture of the knit feels much nicer and softer since I restarted on needles one size up. One size up not only gives the right tension but also makes the knit a little looser and therefore gives a softer feel. This weekend we are going away and I'll take my knitting with me for those quiets moments.  

I have also started pulling fabrics from my stash for the next border on the Red Manor House quilt.  This picture shows a completed quilt that I saw at the festival of quilts last year. The round I'm working on is the small squares. I want to use red white and blue but if possible I don't want to buy any fabric. I will be working on this next week.

The last picture I took of my version has a photo bombing Missy in the middle of it.

Tomorrow we head off to somerset. I'm not sure what the weather is going to be like but I'm sure there will be some rain. We haven't got any major plans but I will be visiting my favourite quilt shop on Sunday. There is a castle we would like to visit on the journey there but that depends on the weather.  We would also like to do a couple of walks but that won't be fun if its raining. I'll keep you posted on what we are doing.

Take care


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