Monday, 7 May 2012

Nearly at the finishing line

This week has been a time of nearly finishing several projects. I have almost finished quilting the yellow and brown block quilt and then just the binding to go. Also nearly finished the toddler quilt which I haven't yet shown you a photo of.  The Rainbows (5 to 7 years old) have finished their rainbow quilt top. This has been made as part of our Linus quilt project. The girls designed the top. They all drew out what they would like on the top after we had talked about it. As a group we then put the ideas together and I drew out a picture of what it would look like. I still have to add the borders to add and I have to appliqué some raindrops, a crock of gold and some butterflies. The girls really enjoyed pining the squares together and then stitching them on the sewing machine. They did extremely well with only two squares needing to be unpicked and re-sewn. It has taken 6 months to do this project as we haven't worked on it every week because we didn't want the girls to get bored since we wanted them to enjoy making it. It seems to have worked as they want to sew something else now.

The photo doesn't show the top of the quilt which has a cloud on one side and the sun on the other. Each square is 2.5inches so without the border the quilt is 45 inches square.

On the bunting front I have loads cut out and waiting to be sewn. I have put medium weight interlining between the two layers of fabric to give it more body. I have  piles of completed flags waiting to be sewn onto the tape ready for it to be used. We still haven't decided exactly how much bunting we need to decorate the boats. However if we make too much there isn't a problem as the group hold a summer ball every year and the bunting will be used to decorate the venue.

I have had quite a bit of time travelling this week so I used the time to make 'flowers' for my grandmother's garden quilt.  My pile of completed flowers has now grown to 30. I have also decided I am making the quilt for Lucy. I thought about only using fabric with Roses on as her middle name is Rose. However I have already made several 'flowers' with other flowers on them. Chatted with Lucy about it and we decided that the fabric had to be floral to be included.

On the knitting front I have about 20 rows to complete the last baby blanket and I am still working on the hexipuffs. I haven't managed to fit in any embroidery this week but will do so once the guide quilt project is over. Finally yellowy has been finished and is drying having been washed. This was a little traumatic as he is very fragile having had so much love over the years. I will take a photo of him for my next post. Once the Guide quilt project is completed I can start work on the old quilts I was given. I know many people have loads of projects on the go at any one time but I find I waste time deciding what to do if I have too many things to choose from.

On Saturday John and I went walking with friends, completing the next section of the London loop. This section was from Enfield Lock station to Chigwell. It managed not to rain for most of the day and was a very good bird watching walk with herons, cormorants, a little egret, greylag geese and lots of coots with chicks. There was also  a field of Shetland ponies and a red fox.

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