Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Yesterday was Sunny

Yesterday was sunny in London but I didn't venture out as I had set myself the task of completing the yellow and brown quilt. I still had a small amount of quilting to do and of course the binding. Well despite numerous interruptions I finished the quilting during the day and the binding was completed watching television in the evening.  Scamp in his usual style thought I put the quilt for him to lay on when I tried to take the photo.

I also revisited the fabric Beth had given me as I thought I remembered some blocks in with it. Sure enough I found several in shades of browns. They are 4inch but the stripped ones are not accurately cut with some being up to 1/2 inch smaller.  There are about 20 of some with only 3 of the black with the brown pattern. Using these up is my next project. I quite fancy making a tote bag and I also need to make a new knitting bag as one of my daughters has my old one. I now need to go back to my fabric stash to find fabric to work with these blocks.

On the knitting front all the baby blankets for the Linus project are now complete and I am about to wash them before packing them up. This means I now have time to return to a discarded project, a jacket I started knitting last year. Since the ball of yarn is so large it isn't very portable and so hasn't progressed very far. I intend to finish this by the end of June. I am still knitting the hexipuffs and now have quite a pile of completed ones. They don't take up a lot of room so are very portable.

I am going to add the borders to the rainbow quilt this morning and cut out the fleece needed for backing the rest of the guide quilts. Then stitching will have to be put away for the rest of the day as I have work to prepare for Friday.

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