Saturday, 29 September 2012

A few festival of quilt photos.

I'm still working through my photos of this years Festival of Quilts held at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. I have lost my catalogue so I will give the quilt display number and the title. If you know who made any of the quilts please let me know and I will credit them on the post.

Quilt number 435 is titled 'Autumn Sampler'

Quilt 434 was called 'I love feathers' - I wonder why? I didn't take a photo of the whole quilt just detail of the quilting. The quilting was very much admired.

Quilt 204 'Fireworks' played havoc with your vision if you stood looking at it for too long

Quilt 214 'Black with a spot of White' was another of my favourites

Quilt 209 'Colourful Kaleidoscope' was very pretty. Unfortunately the photo of the whole quilt is a little fuzzy.

Quilt 237 'Bletchley College'

Quilt 230 'A Buddhist Dance' .

Quilt 229 'Clarice' was beautiful. I love Clarice Cliff designs and this quilt showed her style and colours really well.

Quilt 260 'Bluebirds Spring Song' This is another quilt that the photo didn't work as well as I would have liked.

I have one final batch of photos to post which includes some of the prize winners. Unfortunately it was very crowded around the prize winning quilts and getting enough room and the right angle to photograph them was a problem. For now I hope you enjoyed this selection.

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