Friday 21 September 2012

Even more festival of quilts 2012 photos

I didn't realise just how many photos I took when I visited the festival of quilts in Birmingham UK back in August. Although I have done several posts about it I still haven't shown you all the pics. Unfortunately I lost my catalogue so can't give you the name of the quilt maker but I can give you the quilt number from the show and its title. If you know who made it please email me and I will add it to the post.

This one number 407 is titled 'Tuscan Landscape'. The colours really give it that hot Italian feel.

Detail from the quilt

Number 386 is called 'The Korean Colours'

Number 360 was a hexagon quilt called 'My Godmother's Flower Garden.' There were several hexagon quilts in the show.

The colours in this quilt were quite subdued but it didn't detract from the final effect. I loved the different grouping of the hexagons  which gave a different feel to different areas of the quilt.

Number 414 'Aurora's Dawning'. How did the maker manage to get all those points sharp?

Number 431 'Double Wedding Ring' This was one of a few quilts of this pattern on display.

Number 418 titled 'Mosaico de la "Casa del la Imagen" .

Number 427 was titled 'The Knot Garden'. I really liked this quilt but then I like Celtic patterns. I plan on making a Celtic knot quilt at some point in the future. (My list of must do quilts is rather long.)

Number 442 is 'Blue Ribbon Baltimore'.

I loved the different appliqué blocks in this quilt.  I particularly liked the little bird below.

The vase of spring flowers made me very happy.

Visitors at the show agreed that quilt 440 'Flowers Meet Stars' was very bright, happy and uplifting.

The final quilt for today number 445 is titled 'Galing Galing'.

I still have more photos and I will post some more soon. I hope you are enjoying the Quilt eye candy. I am really enjoying going back over my photos and seeing the quilts again. There were so many quilts at the show it was a little overwhelming.

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