Thursday, 20 September 2012

Its awful high up here!

Over at Happy Quilting Melissa runs a link on Thursdays - Try New Things. The new things don't have to be quilting or quilting related. This week I was involved with a camp for Brownies and Guides - girls aged 7 to 16. Those who were tall enough and wanted to try were able to have a go on the high ropes course. Having never tried it before I thought I ought to have a go. 

Here's me about half way round the course. By this point I had stopped shaking and was starting to enjoy it. My daughter Lucy also did the course. This was the second time she had done it so she knew what to expect and therefore found it really fun.

The final section was a zip wire. This was great fun but I ended up hanging on the wire for a while as one of the ropes had got caught up and it took me some time to release it.

I was pleased to be back on the ground but will certainly try this activity again if I get the chance.

Last week I wrote a post about something new I tried but forgot to link up the post. If you want to see what I tried last week click here

I am really enjoying this link as it has made me realise that I had stopped trying out new things and tend to stick with things I know. I can't wait to try something new next week.

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  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!!

    1. It was great fun. Not many of the girls could try it as they weren't tall enough so we'll do it again next year and hopefully some more of them will be able to have a go.