Monday, 10 September 2012

Festival of Quilts 2012 part 5

I have been showing the photos I took at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC Birmingham UK back in August. I still have a few I haven't shown you so here we go for the next batch. I am sorry but I have totally lost my catalogue so can't give the makers name but I will give the number and quilt title. 

This quilt number 375 is called 'Song of the Earth' The colours and detail were amazing and the scalloped edge worked really well.

Detail from the middle section.

This one number 368 titled 'Flower of 13 115 Pieces and Peace' must have taken a huge amount of time to piece together, the hexagons were so small.

Detail from the flower.

Number 369 'With all my heart' 

Detail from the centre panel.

and the heart block on the border.

Number 373 'Shiagari' means task complete in japanese.

Number 371 called '5850' was beautiful but had the effect of making your eyes feel blurry.

Number 398 'Birds of Paradise'

Number 390 'Tumbling'

I love the variation on the tumbling block turning the tops into pyramids.

Number 402 had quite a few people commenting that it was interesting that the pattern wasn't centred and then they read the title 'Out of Kilter'

Number 405 'Crazy Waves' (Stack 'N' Whack)

I still have a few more photos which I will include with posts over the next few weeks.

Now I need to get the car packed with all the stuff Lucy wants to take back to Bath for her final year. She picks up the keys for the house she is sharing with two other girls today so I can now clear the pile of her books, kitchen bits, printer, iron etc. from my dining room. It was a shame she had to move out of her accommodation from last year before she could move into this house as it has made space a little tight round here but as always we coped. She will be coming back with me as she doesn't start her year until the end of the month. So there will be another trip then with her clothes and personal bits and pieces. The weather looks good today and isn't supposed to rain so this should be a good trip. We also plan to do a spot of sight seeing while we are there.


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    1. They were all so beautiful and also gave me lots of ideas. Now all I have to do is turn the ideas into reality!