Monday 30 March 2015

A slow Sunday

The weather today has been overcast and showery so a perfect day to get on with some sewing. First we took Scamp for a walk. He wasn't particularly keen on going out since it was cold and windy and when it started to drizzle he dug in his paws and wanted to go home. I managed to persuade him to keep going and promised him a treat when we got home. Once he realised we were going for a walk whatever he wanted, he decided he may as well enjoy himself. Once off his lead on the common  he enjoyed running around and found a squirrel to chase and puddles to splash through. He was rather damp and muddy when we got back so I had to clean and dry him. The rest of Scamp's day was spent snoozing on a comfy chair.

I decided to make the blocks for this months rainbow scrap challenge. The colour for March was yellow. I don't use a lot of yellow fabric so this proved a little difficult. I'm making churn dash blocks this year and doing 4 each month. The blocks finish at 6 and half inches.

The angle I've taken the photos at makes the blocks look different sizes but there aren't, however I do need to trim them.

I then completed the quilting on another block of the Star Trek quilt. I was going to continue working on it but Picasso decided to come and play. I've now got a long scratch down the back of both my hands where he caught me with his claws. He likes to try and catch the needle and he doesn't like to be moved once he decides to play.

Picasso is rather difficult to see since he's a black cat against a dark background. He behaves like a young cat but is actually 11 years old. I tried to move him off the fabric but he settled down for a snooze so in the end I gave up. I have some unpicking to do later as I developed a slight tuck in the back. Fortunately I hadn't done very much quilting in that area. Although it was only a little tuck I can't leave it as I will know it's there. Once Picasso woke up I packed away my quilt and machine.

This evening I've been working on my hexies for Lucy's quilt plus for the last block of last years rainbow challenge, opps I running a little late. I did some hand stitching and I also cut out some more templates and fabric for the hexies.

I started the grandmother's garden quilt for Lucy before I started Kathryn's or Richard's quilts. Because Lucy's is all hand stitched it's taking a lot longer. Using 1inch hexies doesn't make for a speedy job either.

I'm linking this post up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday. I hope you've had time for some stitching today. 



  1. Looks like you had a pleasant Sunday. I managed a few hours working on Have a Latte Blog Hop projects and even planted a nice Blue Muffin Viburnum along the driveway.....73 degrees and sunny on the Arkansas/Oklahoma border. DH "cooks" on Sundays. Today was a dressed up frozen pizza...but I didn't have to cook. Great day.

  2. There is so much meaning in the look your cat is giving you.....almost human!

  3. I love the churcn dash blocks and Picasso acts just like my cats. They usually win out when they want to sleep on my quilts too. LOL