Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sunshine and sewing.

Today we've had wall to wall sunshine in London UK, beautiful blue skies and a temperature of around 15 Celsius (59 - 60 Fahrenheit). What a lovely March day. Today I had marking I needed to get done, I wanted to walk Scamp and try and fit in some sewing. The plan was to mark two papers, sew for half an hour, do another 2 to 3 papers and then a little more sewing. First Scamp needed a walk.

Unfortunately I took on more work this year and so Scamp and I have less time for walking in the week. At present, by the time I get home it is already dark so we can't really walk in the evening. With the great weather John, Scamp and I set off for the common. Scamp loves his walks and always has but it's only recently that he's taken to being off his lead. Possibly being 'bounced' by larger dogs when he was young made him wary. However since Lucy got her large dog Buddy and we started walking them together Scamp has gained confidence and loves time of his lead. 

Unfortunately he is quite easy to lose sight of as he does blend in well with the colours of the dead leaves. He also fancies he's an intrepid explorer and likes to lead the way and find new paths. He's looking rather shaggy and needs clipping. Although he's a Yorkshire Terrier and therefore fairly small he loves the great outdoors. Letting his fur grow isn't an option as he jumps in puddles and acts as a mud magnet.

There were several large clumps of snowdrops in flower.

Back home again Scamp settled down to a post walk nap and I logged on to my computer and marked two essays. I followed that by quilting the flowers in the centre of the remaining cornerstones of Kathryn's quilt. Then it was back to the marking. This time I decided to mark 4 essays before my next half hour of sewing. I had finished two when the system went down. All the essays are marked on line so if the programme crashes you can't access the work -what a shame. Never mind I made good use of my time and quilted the borders and trimmed the quilt ready to apply the binding. Sadly at that point the system was working again so back to the marking grindstone......

I've now finished that batch of essays so I'm going to do a little hand stitching before bed. Tomorrow I have another batch of essays to mark but in between i will attach the binding to the front of the quilt by machine and then start the hand stitching on the back.  A couple more days will see the 'Votes for women' quilt completely finished.

I hope you've had some good weather where you are. Tomorrow is set to be another sunny, warm day here.



  1. I'm in London as well and loved the warmer weather. It has been a cold winter, despite not getting much snow. This year seems to have been wonderful for snowdrops. I've never seen mine look so good.