Thursday, 26 March 2015

Another Friday finish.

This really has been a good month for sewing. First I finished my Votes for Women quilt, then my pillow for the Tree Bird blog hop and now I've finished the baby quilt for Mel. She 's looking forward to starting her maternity leave and really likes the idea of waking up on Monday and saying 'no I don't need to get up yet as I'm on maternity leave'. I did warn her to make the most of it as she will be busy when baby arrives. Most of the time I have lovely memories of having young children, all the good bits but just occasionally I remember the overwhelming tiredness following another night of disturbed sleep. 

Anyway yesterday I showed you this photo of the baby quilt.

As I had limited time I used a panel for the centre of the quilt and kept the quilting simple by just quilting along the lines between the pictures. The borders had a large meander. Mel was very pleased with it especially as I had managed to choose fabrics in the colours of the nursery decorations. 

I really wanted to take the quilt outside to take a photo but I just didn't get time to  so I took a snap of Mel holding it. Unfortunately our building is all glass - huge floor to ceiling windows all the way round so really difficult to get a great shot. Never mind it gives the overall effect.

That's the second baby quilt this year but I still have 3 more to make. I have also been asked to make a sensory quilt for a blind toddler. That has now moved up to top of the list for next month.

I've nothing much planned for this weekend so I'm hoping to get a lot done on the star trek quilt  and maybe I'll have another finish next week.



  1. Phew! That is lovely in its full glory. No wonder Mel is delighted.

  2. What a lovely quilt! Children like bright colours, so this one must be just perfect!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. It's very cute. Love it. March has been a good month at this end too. Lots of sewing, several finishes.