Saturday, 7 March 2015

Lean stitching times but plans for March.

The last two weeks have been very lean sewing times. I've had a lot of marking to get finished and it has to take priority. I hate it when I have to put my machine and quilt project away especially when I am so close to finishing an old project. I started the 'Votes for Women' quilt in September 2012 when the blocks appeared as a block a week on Barbara Brackman's blog Grandmother's Choice It ran for 49 weeks. I didn't manage to keep up with the weekly blocks at the time but now I'm so close to finishing. I had hoped it would be a February finish but ran out of time. However it will be ready to post as a Friday finish next week. When I get this close to a finish I hate having to stop until it's done.

My plans for March will be.

1. Finish the 'Votes for Women' quilt.

All the blocks have been quilted and the sashing. I just have to finish quilting the borders and then stitch the binding. It will take quite a while to stitch in all the ends.

2. Star Trek Quilt

This is all ready for quilting. It should be fairly quick to do as Richard wants an all over meander. However the quilt is large at 90 x 90 inches.

3. Finish my Tree Bird project.

Sew we quilt

I'm taking part in the Tree bird blog hop at Sew we Quilt. My day is March 19th and I'm looking forward to sharing my project with you. I'm not using the Tree bird fabric as I've been unable to get any in the area of London where I live, but I have lots of birds.

4. Another Little Quilt Swap  9

Another Little Quilt Swap

This needs to be finished this month ready to swap in April. I know what I'm making and I've got most of the fabric but haven't started yet.

5. Baby quilt for Mel.

I have to make a baby quilt for Mel another of my colleagues. She doesn't know the sex of her baby and doesn't want to know so this has to be a gender neutral quilt. She goes on Maternity leave on the last Friday of the month.

There are also small projects to work on, the blocks for the rainbow scrap challenge and the 'book it ' project. Oh for more hours in the day.

I haven't been doing any of my hand stitching recently and I need to get back to it. I started doing a minimum of 30 minutes stitching a day and starting tomorrow I'd like to try and do this again.

John and I were supposed to be walking tomorrow but we both have work we must do so we've scrapped that idea. Instead we'll take Scamp for a walk over the common and then spend the day working. Tomorrow evening the machine will be coming out to get the quilting finished.



  1. Good luck on getting your March projects completed...never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects.

  2. That's an ambitious list. I need to make a little quilt too. I know what I'm I just need to get it going.