Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

So far March has been a good month to get my stitching projects done. There are still a few days left and I'm hopeful I will complete all my goals.

I had two major goals this month. The first, to finish Kathryn's quilt, was easy to do and she is now enjoying using the quilt. My second was to get Richard's Star Trek quilt finished. This quilt had reached the stage of finished top.

The quilt is large and so yesterday I enlisted Richard's help in making the quilt sandwich. I didn't want to crawl round on the floor and was planning on making do with the dining table. The table is oval and the fabric heavy so help was definitely needed. Richard turned out to be a real asset. He was great at moving the fabric around keeping it all nice and flat and he was also excellent at getting rid of unwanted wrinkles in the layers. I must encourage him to help in the future. The quilt sandwich was soon made and I had time to start on the quilting.

Richard had specific requirement of the quilting. He wanted the Enterprise in the central blocks to be outlined and then he wanted the background of the remaining blocks to be a meander. Now I feel I've got the meander pattern really sorted so this wasn't a problem but I wanted to try something different and showed Richard the pebble pattern. We agreed I'd use this on the sashing. There are 9 blocks all 24 inches square in the quilt and so far I have finished 2 so I'm feeling really pleased.

Going round the shapes was trying

The other piece I've been working on is a baby quilt for one of my work colleagues. I'm just finishing off the hand stitching on the binding and this quilt will be all finished. I'm hoping to be able give this to my friend tomorrow - at the latest on Friday as she is then on maternity leave.  

She doesn't know the sex of her baby and doesn't want to know so the quilt had to be gender neutral.

Later tonight I'm going to go through my UFO's as I have several that need to be finished. Some are quilt related and others embroidery with a little knitting thrown in for good measure. I'm trying to reduce my UFO's so I need less storage space (or alternatively I can use the space for more fabric).

I'm linking this post up with Lee at Freshly Pieced. Why not visit and see what other people have been up to. There's always lots to see and great inspiration.

Before I get back to my sewing I'm going to turn the heating up and make a cup of tea. Although it's officially spring the temperature is cool and I'm not enjoying it.