Sunday, 9 August 2015

A slow day stitching.

For the last couple of days I haven't done any sewing and only spent a little time on the computer as my right wrist had started to be painful. A couple of years back I overdid the knitting and ended up with repetitive strain injury which affected my whole arm. It was so painful that I don't want it to happen again. Now if my wrist starts aching I rest it for a couple of days and it usually settles down quite quickly. Yesterday I attached the binding to the front of the ribbon quilt.

I used some more of the strips from the jelly roll which is 'Blooming fresh' by Deb Strain. I'm slowly stitching the binding to the back by hand. It's a nice job to do whilst watching TV. There's a Midsommer Murder on this evening and I've not seen this episode before.

Earlier today I finished the quilting on the second of two bath mats I've made. The binding is made and ready to be attached. I'll do that tomorrow.

I also finished stitching the binding on the first mat. This has already been pressed into service.

It's great to have finally used the shell fabric. I was given the fabric several years ago and it is perfect for the bath mats. Our bathroom is decorated in blue and white and the mat gives it a seaside feel.

As those of you who follow my blog will know my son is a star trek fan. I recently finished a quilt for him which incorporated fabric from the original star trek series.

I saw some fabric from Star Trek the next generation on ebay so I ordered a pack of 4 fat quarters.

I don't have a project to make with them yet but they will come in useful. I love the red fabric with the star trek logo on. 

Whilst I was preparing the binding on my ironing board I realised it was time to make it a new cover. The old cover isn't that old but the foam backing has lost its 'umph' and the metal mesh base shows through. You can see it on the bottom of the photo.

I have some pretty fabric that would be perfect. 

Tomorrow I have work but tomorrow evening should see the baby quilt finished and I can start my next project. I'm linking with Kathy's quilts for slow stitching Sunday. I hope you've had time for some slow stitching..



  1. Take good care of yourself... stitchers must stay healthy!
    Love the star trek quilt!
    ENjoy your binding!