Sunday 2 August 2015

Holiday, housework and sewing.

Today I finally completed the laundry from the holiday and most of the ironing. I'm not usually this efficient so I'm feeling very pleased . John and I also sat down and identified all the work that we still have to do on the house. We were very organised and wrote down what we wanted to do in each room. The list is rather long but we should be able to get it all complete in time for Christmas. Wow I can't believe I'm thinking about Christmas already. While away last week I found several items that are perfect presents for family members. I do like it when you can get ahead with presents.  I also have plans to make presents.

I was telling you about our holiday. On Monday we went into Thirsk to look at the shops and John bought me a necklace from one of the jewlers. Thirsk is a market town between the Yorkshire dales and the moors. It was the home of James Herriot, (real name was James Alfred Wright), who wrote the autobiographical stories of a vet living in Darrowby (Thirsk). It was also the birthplace of Thomas Lord. Lord's cricket ground in London is named after Thomas Lord. The town's racecourse for horses runs flat races during the spring and summer. 

We then drove to Nunnington Hall. This picture is from the National Trust website. They own and manage the house. We've been members of the National Trust for a number of years and their work ensures the upkeep of a diverse range of buildings, coastline and countryside.You can get more information about the house here

One of the rooms had a lovely quilt on the bed but the room was very dark. You can just make out the stitching on this photo. Unfortunately you weren't allowed to use any flash.

The house is also home to the Carlisle Collection. This is a collection of exquisite miniature room settings. This is the regency games room and the workmanship is amazing. 

On Tuesday we visited Brimham rocks to see the amazing rock formations and to enjoy the views over Nidderdale as well as a good walk.

Before we went exploring we needed a soft drink as the weather had become very hot. Scamp was really interested and was desperate to get on with the walk. Many of the rocks had names. This one is known as the bear.

When there was a quick downpour Richard and Scamp sheltered under this amazing pile of rocks. The rock it is balanced on is very narrow when viewed from the side.

The views over Nidderdale were fabulous.

Over the day the weather became very changeable and made for an impressive sky.

We had a delightful walk even though we ended up slightly wet. 

I said there was a little sewing but I can't show you as the picture is still on the camera. I need to find the cable to upload the them. I took the dog red work with me and also some of the hexies. When last I showed you my red work looked like this.

I moved on since then with the three lower digs completed. I didn't do as much sewing as I'd planned on holiday as I took a good book with me and really got into reading. If I can't find the cable by tomorrow I'll take a photo on my phone and show you how I'm getting on.

I hope you've had a happy and restful Sunday. Tomorrow I'll tell you about our trip down memory lane and check in my sewing.



  1. What a wonderful house to explore and the rock formations are quite amazing! Cute redwork design, Lyndsey ")

  2. The balancing rocks are amazing, looks like you had a good time.

  3. Looks like a very nice hike, and you're going to love that redwork. I love all of their designs.

  4. What a great holiday! thanks for sharing with pix!