Tuesday 4 August 2015

Redwork and an abbey.

Today I had to go into work as I was teaching but it is the only day I'm working this week. As I work at a university everyone assumes we have a long summer break with no teaching but unfortunately several of our courses run over the summer, but there is space to take leave and to take back time owed. So today I worked and tomorrow I sew.

Yesterday I showed you the redwork I took on holiday. A little earlier I took a photo on my phone and this shows how far I've got. I love the way the little dogs are stitching up.

Oophs sorry about the shadow of my phone. It didn't matter which angle I took the picture from I always had a shadow due to the light source. I'm hoping to work on this a little tomorrow.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to download the camera yet so I can't give you the last part of our holiday. I do have one photo that I took on my phone. This is Whitby Abbey or rather the ruins of Whitby Abbey.

It sits on the headland above Whitby, a seaside town and port on the east coast of England. The abbey was the home of Caedmon, a monk at the abbey and the first known Anglo Saxon poet. The abbey also features in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula story. Whitby itself was very crowded, probably because the weather was perfect. 

Not only will I have time for some sewing tomorrow but the lens from my Nikon 1 camera is being delivered. A little while ago the lens went wrong and I kept on getting an error message. I phoned the repair centre and they told me it was a known problem and they would either fix it for free even though the camera is out of warranty, or if that wasn't possible they would give me a new lens. I missed the camera last week as it is light, versatile and easy to use. It's bigger than a point and shoot but still fits in my bag. I've missed my camera as it's the one I use to take pictures for this blog. I hope it comes back early as I have to take pictures of some sewing.

For now I'm going to bed as it's getting late and I want to be up early to enjoy my sewing day.



  1. Cute redwork, it's coming along very nicely.

  2. Wonderful picture of the abbey. I haven't yet visited your country, but I hope to soon. Love your little doggies.