Sunday, 30 August 2015

Beck Hole, Goathland, and Whitby

I started writing this post on the 17th August but had to stop as my wrists were painful. Unfortunately I spend far too much time on the computer as all the students essays are submitted and marked on line. All the teaching presentations and notes have to be uploaded to the module website so the students can use them for revision. The down side was I also had to stop stitching so since then there has been no sewing at all! No wonder I'm feeling shaky and stressed without my chill out stitching to calm my nerves after a stressful day at work, or my weekend sewing to renew and revive me. Still the wrists are less painful and are feeling stronger so I'll revamp this post and then do a little stitching.

I never finished showing you the photos from our holiday. So here are some piccies from the end of the week. We love the North Yorkshire Moors which is a national park but it can look quite bleak especially as the day draws to a close.

Many years ago when our children were younger we rented a cottage in Beck Hole and had a fabulous holiday within the moors that we shared with my parents. It was such a great holiday we revisited the same cottage a couple of years later. Both holidays were extremely special to our children and they have wonderful memories of walking with Nan and Grandad, and going to buy sweets at the pub. On the Wednesday of our holiday we drove to Goathland, which is where Heartbeat was filmed. We parked the cars and walked down to Beck Hole as we wanted to have lunch sat outside the pub.

Beck Hole is just a collection of a few cottages and the pub in the valley by the river. We went and visited the cottages first and turned to go back towards the pub. As you can see the lane is very narrow and the hills out of the valley are steep. Not very pleasant if you meet something going the other way. This is why we walked down. Here we are heading back to the pub.

The day had started off wet and windy so as we got a passer by to take the photo we were still muffled up in jumpers and coats. As the day wore on it became sunny and hot. We enjoyed some sandwiches and beer for lunch. Scamp just wanted to get walking again. We also visited the sweet shop part of the pub (window on the right) .They still sold the same assortment of sweets but they were no longer a penny each.

We decided to walk along the river to see the waterfall which is called Malyon Spout. Scamp thought the walk was great fun.

Katy was having fun taking photos of the wildflowers and fungi. It was beautiful walking down by the water. As we got nearer the waterfall there was a lot of clambering over rocks.

It was very peaceful as we walked along. At this point the river ambles round the corner to the right and the waterfall is out of picture on the left. In the middle the water coming round the river was brown which could have been due to the heavy rain washing the peat from the moors into the water.

Malyon spout was to the left of the picture above. 

As we walked back into Goathland we found the sheep grazing and resting on the grass along the roadside.

By the time we drove home it was late and the sky was amazing.

Scamp was exhausted when we got home and settled down for a long snooze. He loves to sleep upside down.

On the final day of our holiday we visited Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay. Whitby was extremely busy. The ruins of Whitby Abbey stands on the east cliff . It was made famous by Bram Stoker in his novel of Dracula written in 1897. In the story Dracula came ashore at Whitby in the guise of creature that resembled a large dog and he climbed the 199 steps up to the ruins.

We went down the 199 steps into the town but we did have to climb them later to get back to the cars. As we walked down we looked over part of the harbour.

We went to Robin Hood's bay later in the afternoon and I paddled in the sea, it was very cold. When we got home Scamp spent the evening asleep with his teddy.

So now I've caught up telling you about our holiday. We have already started planning the next one. Tomorrow I tell you about my sewing. I hope you've had time for some stitching.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your holiday pics. Brings back happy memories of my trip to Wales many years (decades) ago. My favorite type of holiday.