Sunday, 17 January 2016

A little progress.

This week has been a busy work week with no time to get on with the quilting but I have managed a little work on my cross stitch every night. Today was supposed to be a long day with the machine so I could complete the quilting on the baby quilt and maybe even add the binding. That was my plan when I went to sleep last night but this morning I woke up with a screaming migraine which took ages to tame so it was quite late on this afternoon before any sewing was done.

I'm now about 3/4 of the way through the quilting and provided there are no more unexpected happenings I should finish that tomorrow. I was going to prepare the binding this evening but I decided it could wait another day. The quilting is looking good and I'm pleased I tried a different pattern. It is a lot slower than an all over meander but it looks a lot prettier.

I also spent some time making my blocks for the rainbow scrap challenge. This month's colour is blue and I had decided to make granny square blocks. I made 5 in all.

Making these blocks didn't make even a small dent in my blue scraps. I really hadn't realised I'd used so much blue fabric but thinking about it I've made several quilts for boys over the last couple of years. Whatever colour is picked for next month will involve cutting the scraps I have into 2 1/2inch squares as most of what I cut last weekend was blue. Maybe there'll be some time for that tomorrow. I also need to trim these blocks. 

Earlier in the week Kathryn and Olly came over. They were both very tired and Kathryn was feeling unwell so they had a little nap before dinner. Scamp is always willing to join in with a nap.


Scamp was in a very cute and sleepy mood all day and he sure looks tiny in that picture. I think he'd decided that since the weather had gone cold he might as well sleep.

I'm linking this post with Scraphappy Saturday Since I've got so many blue scraps I might make some other blocks as well.

Hope you've had some time for sewing tody.



  1. Blue is a big color for so many people. Glad you took the opportunity to use up some of yours. Great blocks!

  2. Sorry to hear that a migraine cut into today's sewing time... NO FUN!! You've got a nice selection of BLUE represented in your blocks. I'll be looking forward to seeing what else comes off your sewing machine!

  3. These are lovely blue blocks, some really nice fabrics there.

  4. Congrats on taming some of those scraps! Scamp looked quite satisfied cuddled up for his nap. Hope you are able to get more sewing done today. Will be checking in to see your blocks completed.

  5. Your rainbow scrap quilt is going to be great. I love the start here. I have a ton of blues too. Probably won't start my blocks until the February color is announced.

  6. I love your great granny squares!

  7. Scamp is adorable and your granny square blocks are beautiful!