Monday 11 January 2016

A walk and lots of slow sorting.

Although rain was predicted the day was dry and quite bright so we rang Tony to see if he wanted to walk with us. We planned to start at Wimbledon common which is only 10 minutes away in the car and then do a circular walk taking in one of the highest points in the area  as well as Putney Heath. I'd already started sorting and organising scraps and it must have affected my brain because I totally forgot the amount of rain we've had recently and so didn't put my walking boots on. 

Scamp was really happy to be out walking, well running in his case. He bounced and ran for the whole 4 plus miles. He wouldn't even stand still for his photos.

Although it was dry it was still very cool so Scamp wore his coat as his fur is fine and short. It was late afternoon as we were walking so the sun was starting to set. As I looked behind me I saw the sun reflected off the buildings. 

Turning back to our route I was in time to get this shot of the sunset

When we got back to the car park the cafe was still open so we all enjoyed a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Scamp was miffed to only have water. He had enjoyed running through the mud and puddles so his paws were mud encrusted. By this point he was very pleased to be wearing his 'Top Dog' coat.

Back home and having cleaned Scamp I went back to my organising. By the time I finished I had 3 neat piles of 2 1/2 inch squares and 5 inch squares in the plastic bags. All the 5 inch squares are children's fabrics from the various baby quilts I've made and some fabric I was given. The next job is to sort the cut squares by colour.

This pile of fabric and the three full plastic pots are the remainder of my scraps which I need to deal with when next I have time. Hopefully that will be Tuesday evening.

This getting organised really is exhausting. I went through my fabric stash and also through all my ongoing projects, making sure everything was in order. When I went through my stash I used the questions - do I still like and/or love it?, do I have a use for it?, is it part of an ongoing or soon to be started project? There were several pieces of fabric that were put into the bag to go to the charity shop. I made several discoveries including that I don't need to buy any white solid fabric for a while and I took the opportunity to hunt out blue fabric for this month's RSC block which will have to wait until Wednesday to get made.

I have work on 4 days this week but on Tuesday  I'm in Reading so I will get some hand stitching done during the train journey. Otherwise it could be a quiet sewing week. The weather is also supposed to go a lot colder at the end of the week and they say we will get snow. 

Anyway bedtime. Have a good week.



  1. I really need to get organized, but it will have to until this summer when school is out.

  2. Ask Scamp his secret for so much energy I need to implement it. I enjoyed the questions you consider when organizing your scraps. I believe I will attempt to follow your lead. My scraps are taking over. Keep up the great posts and you might just be able to motivate me to get organized.