Friday 8 January 2016

An odd couple of days

Yesterday and today I was at work and that involved teaching all day. It's not as arduous as it sounds as I know the material I'm teaching so well and it was fun topics. The group yesterday was large with 40 overseas students, all with english as a second or third language. This can be very tiring but the students were very motivated and eager to join in so the day was fun. Today was a much smaller group of home students but again involved a lot of discussion and interaction.. I know I grumble about work at times but you what - I really love my job. The down side is I was too tired to do any stitching yesterday or today but that doesn't mean I wasn't trying or planning to be creative.

Yesterday in reading through the blogs I follow I came across this at Prairie Moon Quilts


Shelly likes to have a theme for the year and this year her theme is cultivating creativity. To help us achieve this she is posting a  challenge a week on a Thursday and inviting folks to join in. The challenges aren't necessarily quilty but some will involve sewing.

This week's challenge was to doodle for at least 30 minutes and see where it takes you and what you produce. Now getting out my sketchbook and doodling away has always been a favourite activity of mine  so I rushed upstairs and pulled my book and box of pens from their hiding place in the cupboard. My eyes were feeling too tired to cope with my cross stitch and this provided the perfect activity. Here's my end product.


This evening when I got in from work I sat down with my cup of tea and did my usual read through the posts from the blogs I follow. What grabbed my attention was the title 'resistance' for Kathy's post  What was she resisting? Oh I should never have started to read that post as unlike Kathy I have no resistance for the quilt blocks being offered each month by Sentimental stitches There are 64 blocks, mostly applique being offered over the next 20 months. I've already downloaded this month's blocks. Tomorrow I need to purchase the backing fabric and I'll use my scraps and stash for the applique. Yes I know I wasn't going to start a new project yet but I'm sure I can fit it in if I plan carefully.

This weekend as well as getting on with my quilting I'm going to get to grips with the fabulous birthday present John gave me.

My birthday was back in early December but I needed a memory card  and wanted to have space to read the manual before i started to play. Due to christmas reading the manual wasn't top of my priorities but now I want to find out exactly how this camera performs.

I also haven't fully looked at my christmas present from John and Richard.

When I was a child my father made me a scale model (1/12th scale) of the house we lived in and I loved to play with it but I loved making furniture and accessories for it more. Unfortunately it was completely wrecked by two of my male cousins but I always promised myself that if I had the space I would have a period doll's house. This victorian home is currently packed in the two large boxes it was delivered in as I need to buy a table or cupboard to put it on and it has to be built. First job will be to rub the wood down and decorate it before putting it together. I'm really looking forward to making miniature quilts for the beds and other pieces of embroidery work. I have already warned my children that this will not be a house for any young grandchildren I may have in the future to play with unless they are supervised.

I've still got a little bit of evening left so I'm going to finish now so I can do some hand stitching. John and I were going to walk tomorrow but the weather forecast is very wet  so I shall be sewing instead. There may be several more sewing days as the weather is due to get a lot colder and they are predicting snow as well as rain. The best thing to do in bad weather is stay in and sew.


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  1. Your "doodle" is absolutely fantastic. You are definitely an artist.
    And then there is your house, it's wonderful, I just can't wait to see your little mini quilts and other decorative items that you make for it. Truly a thoughtful gift.