Friday, 1 January 2016

New year and time to get organised

A very happy new year to you and all your family and friends. I hope it brings you good health, happiness and prosperity. Did you stay up and let the new year in? John and I had a quiet evening but stayed up. We were going to watch the fireworks from London but as soon as they started on the TV a spectacular display started at a pub near us so we stood outside and watched. The colours were fabulous although the bangs were extremely loud.

Today I decided to start the re-organisation of my stitching and sewing projects. I made a start last year as I kept forgetting all the projects I had on the go. I set up a quick check system using index cards rather than the computer. The cards won as I don't need to start the system up- just open the box where they are kept. It's been in use for 3 months and I am still adding to it as I find projects I've started but put to one side for some reason or other.

Stage 2 is to sort out my storage problems. I don't have a sewing room and currently use the dining table for cutting out, setting up the quilt sandwich for small to medium projects and also for machine work. If I have a big project that needs to be prepped for quilting I take it into work and use the very large table in the big meeting room. No crawling around the floor! I have a chest where I store fabric and WIPs and there is a small cupboard in my bedroom where I store dress fabric. The whole system needs sorting out and making more user friendly. I know there is some fabric that I will never use because I just don't love it so that will also be moved along to the charity shop.

I decided to start with my embroidery projects.I have 9 projects that I have started but several others are waiting to be started. I started my sorting by adding a new acquisition to my index. This lovely bookmark appeared in my christmas stocking and I can't wait to make it...but I'm going to wait until I complete a project first.

It will be very useful if I succeed with one of my 2016 goals and get back into reading. I sorted all the 'in progress' projects into zip bags and made sure all the threads were untangled. I also checked through my thread boxes and made a list of the threads I need to buy for current projects. I have stored my threads on the plastic or paper bobbins for a long time now and although there are many different systems of storage on the market this method suits me fine. I had several skeins of thread needing to be wound onto the bobbins so I took time out to rectify this.

I have three of these plastic boxes for thread. This one has cheap and cheerful thread or short leftover lengths that we use for craft at Brownies and Guides. The other two hold DMC or Anchor thread. This little bobbin winder makes the process really quick. All three boxes are now sorted and the new bobbins have been slotted into the right box.

I'm going to continue working on the christmas tree cross stitch until 12th night and then I'll switch to the millennium sampler for the rest of the month. This is where I left the christmas tree when I last worked on it. 

I'm looking forward to some hand stitching this evening. I'm hoping to get the next garland of gold and red finished on the tree and I really must finish the little donkey.

I've had enough of sorting and tidying for today. Tomorrow I need to start sorting my scraps! There is a part of me that is hoping for visitors tomorrow so I can put the job off but no it needs to be done as I want a neat and tidy home this year without fabric trying to escape from its hiding place.

I hope your year is starting well.



  1. Hi Lyndsay
    Greetings from New Zealand. Like you, I seem to have a whole heap of UFOs, plus more things I really want to start. My problem is that I tend to flit from one project to another, without actually finishing anything. But I'm thinking of a plan, so will have to see how that works out.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Lyndsay, I admire your thinking...with the new year to have a fresh start with things and taking inventory is a good beginning. I don't do many starts, but I do usually have a project in each of the crafts I love, as in something I'm crocheting, a cross stitch, an embroidery and a quilting project; these I work on each in turn when I get the chance. I love reading your posts and am interested in your efforts for weight management as well. Cheers to you and here's to a wonderful 2016!