Monday, 11 January 2016

Half done

How's that title for putting a positive view on achievements? I'm halfway through the quilting on the baby quilt and it's looking really good but the pen marks are very slow to disappear. I could always be miserable and tell you I'm only halfway through but I'm so happy because it's going well and much more quickly than I anticipated. Although I've started the quilting on the nine patch quilt as well I've been concentrating on the baby quilt as I'd really like to gift it next week. Hopefully both quilts will be completed by the end of January.

In between sorting and quilting I found time to do some hand stitching. I find it very relaxing whilst watching TV in the evening. I've been working on the sky on the christmas tree cross stitch.

I've done a little more work on the tree and I also stitched the star so I can now just work the sky down that side. The side of the tree down to the level of the base of the star is complete and I'm trying to finish the sky down to this level by the end of the week.

I took time out from the cross stitch to make some hexagons for the Grandmothers garden quilt. Usually I stitch a few of these on train journeys but because of Christmas I haven't had to travel for work. Tomorrow I'm travelling to Reading so lots of stitching time because I catch the stopping train.

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  1. WoW, I so wish I had the kind of patience it took to do that handwork. The xs is looking lovely.