Saturday, 2 January 2016

Loving the rain!

Dust Off Those Books

Today John and I should have been walking with our friend Tony but unfortunately it has rained all day. Such a shame, oh what should I do? Don't get me wrong I love walking but a wet day gave me the opportunity to get on with the baby quilt I'm making. When I last worked on it I had made one of the dog blocks. My plan was to complete the remaining three blocks today.  As soon as I sat down at the machine I started thinking about my ironing mountain. The good housekeeper part of me felt I should go and do the ironing but the quilter in me wanted to carry on sewing.  My decision was to get on with my sewing but whenever I needed to press a seam, I would iron 1 item. Several small seams equated to one larger item such as one of John's shirts. Outcome - a neat pile of ironing and the three blocks completed This is how far I got before I called it a day.

So three borders to add when I take time out for stitching tomorrow.

Sharon over at Vroomans Quilts run her 'Let's book it' linky party last year and she's running it again this year so I thought I would try and join in each month. This is an opportunity to make something from all those books or patterns that we have but haven't yet used. All you have to do is use one of the patterns and make the item in the month or over several months if it's a large pattern.  Although I made the first dog block last month I was going to be cheeky and use it for this month. At the same time I'm also going to work on 'Brutus at Christmas'. 

Meet Brutus. He is from a free pattern from Red Brolly. I saw this back at the start of last year and downloaded the patterns. Did I mention there is a whole bunch of them?  I set the pattern up before Christmas but only started it yesterday. This is going to be my portable hand stitching for this month as I have several train journeys in my diary for work. This helps make good use of the time I spend on the train. I use fabri solvy to transfer the pattern so I can stitch as I don't have a light box and find using the window rather tiring on my wrists. The paw prints are Picasso's and because the fabri solvy is water soluble I can't clean them off. At least they're not on the fabric

The rest of the day was family orientated but I will return to stitching last thing when I'll have a quiet time before bed.

I hope you've had some time for stitching today


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