Saturday 10 April 2021

A Friday finish

It's Friday and it's always nice to have something to cheer about. I'm feeling happy because I finished sewing the new binding on Richard's quilt. The binding is made from the same fabric but in a lighter blue. The fabric used for his quilt was much darker but it's been washed a lot and has faded in the sun. The quilt goes on camp, is used on his bed and used as a picnic quilt. It is a great feeling to see this quilt getting so much use.

My fingers were very sore from working on the binding. Unfortunately I haven't yet found a thimble that I can get on with and use properly. 

I'll leave it a couple of days before I start work on stitching down the baby quilt binding. 

I'm also impressed with myself since yesterday I bit the bullet and sandwiched the Austen Family Album quilt. Richard, our son is a manager at our local pub and since they will be reopening on Monday he's been in work this week, checking stock, organising tables, checking bookings etc. They have a couple of function rooms upstairs and I asked if I could use one to do the quilt. The pub can only have customers in the garden so no one was bothered with the upstairs room. I made myself comfortable and spent a lot of time getting everything set up and pinned. My knees were a little sore at the end but the job was done. Now all I have to do is get it quilted and I'll start on that today. In fact it's already on the table next to my machine. I gave the machine a good clean and it has a new needle in it. The stitch is working perfectly having clearer all the fluff from the bobbin area. It took me a while getting the bobbin case inserted properly but finally it's all good to go. I really like the backing fabric I got for this quilt.

I also finished my project for the next blog hop but unfortunately I can't show it to you yet.

I'm linking this post with Sarah from Confessions of a Fabric Addict for her Can I get a whoop whoop? link up.

It's now raining so it's the perfect time to start the quilting.

Take care



  1. I,too have issues with thimbles, so I wrap my pushing finger with masking tape and have saved myself from many stabbings that way. Plus the tape allows me to feel the needle much more so than a thimble would. Lovely finish on your quilt!

  2. Well done & I too have an issue trying to use a thimble, but I'll pop you an email with a bit of info about a few different ones I've tried. Love that backing fabric & I used something vaguely similar on one of mine a couple of years ago. Look forward to seeing how you quilt this one. 7 degrees here this morning & raining. Take care & hugs from down under.

  3. I'm sure you didn't mind in the least repairing the binding on your son's much loved and well used quilt. Great job getting another quilt sandwhiched and ready for quilting, that can be difficult with a large quilt.

  4. SEW sweet of you to rebind Richard's quilt, Lyndsey, and even better that he has gotten such use out of it!!

  5. Oh, your fingers look sore. I've never sewed in my life until this year and I'm now giving EPP a go and I too have got a sore finger from it, I never even realised that pushing the needle was bothering me until I put the sewing down for a break. How lovely that Richard's quilt is getting so much use.