Tuesday 6 April 2021

Easter walks and sewing

Everyone here in the UK was hoping for warm weather this Easter. The weather at the beginning of the previous week was very warm, hitting the hottest March temperature in years. Folks were out enjoying the sun and no coats needed, but from those warm heights the temperatures slipped and the weather was very cool over the weekend. So much so that on our walk yesterday there were snow flurries and I needed my hat, coat, scarf, gloves and a brisk pace to keep me warm. 

I'm getting ahead of myself a little as I've missed out Easter day. We normally have a special dinner on Easter day and this year I planned slow roast lamb with a mint and wild garlic sauce served with rosemary roast potatoes, ginger carrots and buttery asparagus. We decided to have a late breakfast of coffee and baked goods, croissants, pain au chocolate, Danish pastries. After breakfast John and I took a walk around the cemetery. We saw several jays.

I wish I had the big lens on the camera but I hadn't set out to photograph birds. As a result I had to blow the picture up. Buds are opening.

Looking across at the trees, they have a green hue about them. Next time we walk here there will be leaves on the trees.

The rest of the day was very restful. I did a little stitching and rounded the second corner of Richard's quilt. Sewing the binding is taking an age. After a while I switched and did a little knitting as my fingers were getting sore. I still haven't found a thimble that works for me.  Dinner was delicious and we spent a long time chatting round the dinner table. Once we'd tidied away we played a few rounds of 'defuse the bomb'. This is a communication game and was great fun to play.

John and I had arranged to meet up with Kathryn and Olly at 9 am on Monday to walk in Richmond Park. We were going to walk the perimeter again. Katy and Olly had never walked the whole way round. We took time out to play on a fallen tree for a little while before a group of young children arrived. We left them clambering over and jumping off the logs.

As we walked it got colder and colder and finally started to snow. Not enough to settle but a definitely flurry. Roughly half way round we stopped for coffee at one of the kiosks. Olly had made some banana bread which was yummy. After the walk we went back to Katy's flat and Olly cooked lunch. We still aren't able to socialise indoors so lunch was taken in the garden and I was very thankful for my warm coat. Their table was out of the wind so it wasn't too bad and we enjoyed watching their kitten playing and chasing leaves whilst lunch was being cooked. It was a great day out and lovely to be able to spend time with them again.

Today I was home alone and so I planned my time carefully. I had some housework to do, changing the beds, laundry and ironing. Once done I could concentrate on sewing. I wanted to finish the quilting on the baby quilt. There was still quite a lot to do but I managed to get it all done. Not a great picture but I'll get a better one when it's finally completed.

I spent some time auditioning fabric for the binding. It came down to two and so I got Lucy to make the final decision since the quilt is for her friend's baby. This is the one she chose.

Tomorrow I'll add the binding and then I'll just have to hand finish the back. I also need to make a label for the quilt.

Tomorrow is another sewing day and John is getting his second dose of vaccine. Unfortunately I need to do a little bit of work but the sewing comes first. I also need to decide what I want to complete this month but this is a tricky one with so many projects to finish.

Take care



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  1. Sounds like a lovely Easter and an even better Easter Monday, Lyndsey! So nice that you were able to visit with Katy and Olly.