Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Another finish.

 After successfully finishing my dress on Saturday, giving me the first finish in a while, I achieved another finish yesterday evening. I started the Vincent bag  quite a while back, but at some point in the last year. Time seems to steam by so quickly these days that I just can't keep track of when I started things. Anyway, once I'd finished work for the day I set up my machine. During the day I work at the dining table . Once work is over this space becomes my sewing area if I'm using the machine. I also sit in this space for meals so I have become far too familiar with the dining chair and with the art work on the wall opposite me. I like the space I occupy as I have a good view through the patio doors into the garden and during boring meetings, when video is not required, I can watch the birds on the feeders. If it is hot I can also open the patio doors and get whatever gentle breeze there is. I have had a couple of large bees fly in but they are fairly easy to persuade to leave the same way they came in.

Yesterday evening I had a plan to do two tasks. the first was to complete the Vincent bag. The fabric and pattern came in my subscription box along with the magnetic fastener and buttons needed to finish it off. All I had to supply was thread and my time. When I started work I had the outside bag stitched up and the pocket and lining was done. I needed to make the straps and tab for the fastening and put it all together. Once straps and tab were made it was a case of putting the outside bag fabric inside the lining and having checked it was right sides to right sides, and the handles weren't caught up, sewing round the top of the bag. Pulling the fabric through the small opening left in the lining was fun but tricky as the outside fabric is quite thick. Finally I closed the opening in the lining with hand stitching, added the magnetic fasteners and button and the bag was finished.

It needs a good press, especially round the top and then it's ready for use. Usually when I'm sewing I have my ironing board set up but last night I didn't bother because I only had a brief timeframe to work in. Today I'll press the bag and the fabrics I need for the baby quilt I'm going to make. I like this bag a lot but I'm not sure if I will keep it as I have several other bags. It may go into my present box either for use as a birthday or Christmas present.

I had intended to cut the fabric for the baby quilt during the evening but I decided against it. Although I showed you the pattern I thought I might make I was still looking at other patterns. I spent some time looking at baby quilt patterns and weighing up the time I had available to make it. In the end I decided that I would run with the pattern I'd chosen.

It's the point in the month when I need to identify my goal for the month. This month my goal is to complete the baby quilt. This will be a start to finish goal as the baby has already been born. I have everything I need to complete a baby quilt so this is doable.

Plans for today are chose the fabrics and cut them for the baby quilt and complete the hand  stitching on the frog block. No further work has happened on this piece so it still on my to do list

I've just finished writing this during my coffee break so I need to get back to work so I can finish for the day in good time and get on with my sewing. I'm linking this post with Patty from Elm Street Quilts for her One monthly goal link up party.

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  1. Well done on the bag finish & the fabric is lovely. Those boxes do sound intriguing. A quick baby quilt is what you need for OMG & that one does look good. I gave one away yesterday, so that is both that I'd had in a bag in the car given to unsuspecting recipients, one a stranger & one for the brother of a sales assistant I know. Their bub was born & is so little by todays standards at only 6lb. Must get a few more for my bag I've started keeping in the car. Take care & hugs.