Friday 9 July 2021

Another finish.

Yesterday was a busy working day with interviews in the morning and then meetings all afternoon. By the time I finished work I was feeling really tired and as a result I didn't get my sewing out. Instead I chilled out watching a couple of  episodes from an early series of the Great British Sewing Bee. I find it really good for ideas and it reminds me about techniques I haven't used for ages. Today is my day off (I only work 4 days) and so I was free to get on with my sewing. I decided to work on the dress for Luna Lapin first. I quickly hand stitched the collar to the inside and added the press stud closures. The hem was quickly completed as was the bow. Luna wanted to go out into the garden for the photo shoot. I found it difficult to please her with backgrounds, who knew a soft toy could be so demanding.

Luna now wants to know when I'll do the rest of the shoot for her portfolio and how many new dresses I'm making her.

Once I'd finished with Luna, I sorted out a backing and wadding for the baby quilt. It didn't take long to sandwich the quilt and now I'm ready to start quilting tomorrow. I used the blue fabric I'd used on the quilt top for the backing and I also sorted out two possible fabrics for the binding. I haven't taken a picture of the quilt sandwich.

Yesterday I told you about day 1 of our trip to Norfolk. On day 2 we went bird watching in the morning. We visited RSPB Snettersham. As we headed onto the reserve we met a couple who told us there were no birds to see. We found a very different situation, with loads of birds with young. The black headed gull colony had a lot of very cute chicks, there were groups of avocets and oyster catchers. There was a barnacle goose with a family of 8 goslings and we enjoyed watching their antics. We walked all round the reserve and I loved this mural on the new hide .

The whole reserve was alive with daisies and other wild flowers. We enjoyed watching the birds, and trying to identify the different flowers. The morning was really enjoyable. 

In the afternoon we went to Castle Rising. The village is called Castle Rising and so is the 12th century castle built by William d'Albini II. We parked near the church before taking a walk around the village. The church tower was an interesting shape

I like the decoration on the porchway.

To get into the castle you have to cross the deep earthworks. Once inside the earthworks the first thing we did was to take a circuit around the top. A child wanted to roll down the bank but the parents stopped them as the slope was very steep.

The keep is very well preserved and quite lavishly decorated.

There was quite intricate stone work above the doorway into the castle but I couldn't get a good photo

Through the doorway you had to climb a long set of steps to gain access to the building. Due to covid there was a one way system in operation and this meant that areas that could not be one way had been closed off. We will have to visit again when all the different areas are fully open.

I took a picture of John in front of the gatehouse with the keep behind.

The was one lone tree on the top of the earthworks alongside the keep. You can see the slope up to the top of the earthworks behind the tree

It was an enjoyable visit and we spent some time enjoying the peace and quiet before deciding to head back to our hotel. The day was very hot and we were both tired from the heat and the exercise. We needed a nap before dinner.

Tomorrow I need to do some grocery shopping but after that I want to make a start on the quilting. If I'm really lucky I may get it all finished tomorrow. I also need to pick another project to work on and tidy my sewing cupboard. Now It's time for bed. I don't seem to have done a lot today but I am really tired.

Take care.


  1. Luna is so so cute, no wonder she is such a diva. The garden photo was such a good idea. The church was very interesting. I love old churches. Glad you had such a lovely trip.

  2. Luna Lapin is adorable even if she is a diva! Your photos of churches and castles are incredible and look like a memorable and fun trip to have taken.

  3. Your Luna is lovely and so is her pretty dress. I haven't heard of Castle Rising before, that keep is so well preserved and I'm sure your visit must have been very interesting.

  4. I love bunnykins & her photo shoot, ever so clever. I always think of many round church towers in Norfolk, but that one is very majestic. Thanks for taking us on the tour of your day out. Take care & hugs.

  5. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your latest trip away, always love seeing those old castles, churches, and such like, so much history from years long ago. Seems that your little Luna has turned into a big of a diva nos she has had her photo shoot!

  6. Just darling, Lyndsey. SEW glad that you have finished her up!