Friday 18 February 2022

Sewing and Casso has an adventure

 Yesterday I had time after work to set up my machine and get on with the cushions. All the pieces had been cut out so this was a case of stitching together and pressing seams. By the end of the evening I had the main pieces sewn together and the applique attached by bondaweb for both cushions.

The fabric for the cushion backs has been sewn together and hemmed, I also added the button holes.  Later today I plan to sandwich the front and sew round the applique and complete the quilting. Tomorrow I should have time to finish the cushions off and then I need to buy two cushion pads so that the completed cushions will be ready to be gifted next week.

Later in the evening I worked on the little neighbourhood stitcheries. I completed two more and began work on a third one.

I need to redo the flower in the above piece as Casso came to help and got his claw caught on the thread and pulled it. I didn't have the energy to put it right as I'd already taken two attempts to get it looking good. Unfortunately Casso has a couple of claws that don't retract and they do get caught up on things. This little blue house will be finished today.

I am very behind on these stitcheries. We are on day 18 but I have only finished 4 but I have been doing a little hand embroidery every day on various projects. These little houses are really fun to stitch.

London now has a red warning for high winds from storm Eunice from 10 am today. At the moment it is fairly quiet but there are already strong gusts every so often. John and I should be going out to dinner this evening but we'll see how it goes later in the day as I don't want to be out in high winds and the restaurant could well be closed. Just recently a lot of our plans have ended up cancelled. We should have been at the theatre on Monday evening but that was cancelled as members of the cast had tested positive for covid. I'm now rearranging tickets for future productions that could also end up cancelled. If we don't go out later my evening will become a sewing evening, which is OK with me.

An update on our furry family members, both Casso and Scamp are still happy and reasonably healthy. Both are eating and enjoying life but both are much happier if sat on someone's lap. Casso had an adventure yesterday. John had let him out as it was sunny and Casso likes to have a prowl run to check everything is in order. Not long later John got a phone call from a vet a good distance from us to say they had Casso. John went and collected him and the vet said he may have got into someone's car as he'd known this happen before. All we know is that Casso couldn't have walked the distance in the time. It is making us very nervous about letting him go outside but he has always been a cat that loves to go out and enjoy the sun. We got Casso back because he's microchipped and the vet scanned and called us. If your pets are microchipped do remember to update your details if you move or change your phone number.

Today I'm working from home so I need to get myself organised for the day. I'm pleased I'm not having to drive anywhere today.

Take care



  1. Glad to know the furkids are doing okay. Your bird houses look good. No worries about being behind. It will all be there waiting for you as you have time.

  2. Oh dear, you dont really want Casso to be having those kinds of adventures. Thank goodness for micro chipping, although I do wonder how he ended up at the vet's?

  3. All the projects are making progress & I think you are doing great. Pity we weren't closer & could help you make your garden cat safe. We've seen lots of pet enclosures from small to very large & some look very worthwhile for safety. Hope your area hasn't had the damage I've seen a little of on my webmail homepage. Please take care, stay safe & hugs.