Wednesday 23 February 2022

Working on my February goal

The weather has now improved, with the wind having dropped and the sun has come out. The combination means that you can actually feel some heat from the sun and it helps to improve my mood. Between bad weather, sick fur babies and too much work, it was starting to feel like nothing was going right but just a change in the weather improves positivity. As I was sitting doing some stitching whilst watching Vera on TV last night I was pondering what I wanted to achieve over the next few weeks. I must admit I love starting new projects and I'm slow at finishing some projects but is this a problem? I decided that it wasn't an issue so long as I have the storage space, which I do. I love being able to pick up things and work on them for a period of time and then put them away for later. This way I don't get bored and everything will get done at some point. Having completed the two cushion covers I need another new project and so I decided to make these two panels. This came as a pattern with my monthly fabric subscription box. The panels finish at approximately 18 inches square.

All the fabric is with it, as well as the bondaweb I need to attach the applique pieces. These batiks are so pretty.

This month I spent a fair amount of time stitching the little inches from Crabapple Hill studios. These are quick and fun to do. I also tinted the background fabric for the first time and I've been wondering why I haven't done this before since it's so easy and I love the effect. I've currently got a part done piece in my littlest embroidery hoop. I'm using up all my scraps of fabrics for the background so I can only use the little hoop.

Last night I also completed the tortoises and birds block from the Noah's Ark quilt I'm making. I'd just taken it out of the hoop so it needs a good press, plus I took the photo with it resting on my knees.

This block, plus stitching the ark block is my goal for this month. The ark block has now been hooped ready for me to start later today. I don't think this will take that long as there aren't any little fiddly areas to do. Update, I managed to get the roof stitched before we left to run guides this evening.

I do need to get back to quilting the Austen family quilt but this is a large quilt and it takes a lot of effort to move it around for quilting. It makes my shoulder ache even after a relatively short time of quilting. I'm going to leave it until the weather is a little warmer and my joints don't feel so achy.

I'm linking this post with Pat from Life in the Scrapatch for her weekly Stitch, sew and show link up. Do pop over and see what everyone is working on this week.

Take care



  1. Applique must be flavour of the month, as my friend Joy is participating in a sewalong with it. Love your little stitcheries. Glad the sun is helping with your mood, as I can be the same in winter too. We have heat & high humidity at the moment, which I don't cope with well, but it will pass. Take care and hugs.

  2. Gorgeous fabrics, Lyndsey!! Glad to see you got some stitching time in for working on your projects.